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The growing world of mobile applications technologies

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The Growing App World

The modern era has ushered into the digital world with every one of us connected one way or the other. Not even connecting people is the moto of companies and manufacturers these days but the new modern technologies that have been introduced have forced and actually driven to make whole systems and machines connected so that not only the feelings and thoughts of the general public is shared across far and wide distances but data and information from machines is shared, improving upon time and productivity that can let people strike a good balance between their personal and professional lives.

One area where much of the progress is made and is actually visible is the growing of the app world. The advent of the modern smart phone as well as its adoption in such large scales over the globes without any discrepancy among countries has provided the actual producers of applications and developers to have such a wide and diverse consumer base that, success is almost guaranteed to any solution provided. The developers are hard at work in trying to bring up solutions to problems that are very basic and easily solvable but just need to tune it up to a more portable and sleek experience so that it not only solves a problem but using it is not a tough or daunting task to perform.

It has been a truly great journey for probably the past decade and a half, and when looked back in hindsight, gives great joy as how with the progression of time, we have managed to evolve and cram into a single device so much power and expertise that was not even available on separate devices of the past. Apps and software of these devices have been able to achieve great heights and truly enhanced the experience that makes the user truly engaged with the device. It is one thing to provide the sheer processing and graphics power in your hand but utilizing it to its maximum potential is the job of the software side of the department.

There are a few examples which could be quoted with great appreciation and pride by the technological experts and app developers that have truly consumed not our imagination but our time as well. We interact with them in a way that was not possible or even thought of it in the past. The introduction of social media and messaging apps such as Whatsapp, Snapchat have opened up even greater and fresh avenues for people, of every generation. Whatsapp and snap chats have enabled online connectivity in a jiffy and with great ease as well. It not only lets us share simple text messages and calls but even photos and documents which is so very important in today’s world where documents and data of various file types need to be exchanged on the fly. This is where they have created such good convenience that living without them even one day might remind us of the ancient stone ages.

Connectivity is not the only front that the apps are working their magic on. There are so many new avenues that have been vastly exploited by smartphones and apps to be specific that the experience has become so multi-faceted that it is truly a breakthrough. Only the work that apps are able to achieve and do in the travel sector of the industry alone accounts them for great praise and appreciation. The modern app technologies are so advanced and forward in their utility that now using the old tools looks like a very distant and cumbersome. Modern navigation apps are just one example that they are able to map and give directions to different places at just the tap of a finger. They do not require any sort of configuration or fiddling with the settings, they just seem to work. Not just that they provide a hassle-free experience but also the fact that they achieve their purpose tremendously. They seem to navigate to any sort of place without any hiccup or glitches. It adapts to weather conditions as well as traffic condition which is a very great feat as both of these variables are ever changing and require different kind metrics to determine the actual impact on the public. They seem to achieve all of this using not only the massive compute power that is onboard on ironically smaller than ever motherboard chips but also of the fast learning and ever-changing algorithms. The algorithms used are not all hard coded for a particular situation but they are dependent on numerous variables, so the algorithms take into account as much of the data as inputted and then does its job. The hardware side of the device also needs to be applauded as most of the data that is intake through the sensors and detectors that are marvelously fitted into the remarkably compact chassis of the device. This is just one area where the whole hardware-software integration seems to work miraculously.

App development in education is playing a very important role in trying to integrate whole school and classrooms together. They are not only helping the existing children already in the but also enticing new children into the enrollment program. Most school and Montessori’s are developing new programs that have re-decided periods and personal devices which at least keep the kids entertained and their interest developed in school which will eventually will produce better results for them in the future. The apps and software experiences are producing more and more quality experiences that are helping not only the younger kids but also people of different aspects. The apps provide great time to prepare for whatever your weaknesses are, that might include brushing up on your vocabulary skills, preparing you for a SAT test or even solving your apparently unsolvable mathematics questions.

One area which goes unnoticed is the fact that these devices due to immense software support have been able to do the job of translators tremendously well. The translators have a great database of languages and can carry out translation in real time that provides a much more ease of use to the consumers. Furthermore, the imaging capabilities of the device could be made to use as well. Images captured of various catalogues, signboards, books and generally text can be taken and put through the translation algorithms to translate them easily in line and instantly causing a no problem travel and educational experience.

Probably the most interesting and life-impacting part that the smart phones are incorporating into their repertoire is the element of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The very fact that the machine actually learns your choices, decisions and preferences and then adapts its working and overall behavior to be more of use to you is probably not as widely appreciated as it should be. It should be noted that if these Artificial intelligence algorithms are perfected on such a device which if anything goes wrong would not cause as much damage as it would have been on some of the more important machines. The artificial intelligence component of the apps and software packages is so enthralling and captivating that it would not only make our devices much more usable but even save us great deal of time and complexity.


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