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The importance of using cookies

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The importance of using cookies

When we mention cookies, at first, you might think about cookies of a different kind. The cookies we are talking about do not have great taste and smell, yet they are of great importance. The importance of using cookies in web browsing and eCommerce can only be described as priceless. If you do not know why it is time to learn.

What are browser cookies?

Cookies are very short lines of writing that do not contain any personal data about the user that is visiting the website. On the other hand, this writing does contain the URL of the website that positioned the cookie. Basically, it is a message that is fed by the web-server to a web browser. Based on the visitor’s history and with the help of cookies, the visitor will have more pleasant future experiences while browsing. If you want to learn more about hot tech topics like this one, you ought to visit blogs that focus on trendy topics in this field.

The importance of using cookies and how they work

Sites practice the usage of cookies to authenticate users’ character and identity. Therefore, cookies can improve the following things:

  • Individual login details
  • Persistent shopping carts
  • Wishlists
  • Recommendations of products that are linked to your search history
  • Adapt interface
  • Keeps customer’s address, billing info, and other personal details

How do cookies work their magic

How do cookies work their magic?

There are many different types of cookies. However, there are two main kinds. In case you have problems understanding website set up and maintenance, you could try visiting sites such as Sometimes it’s best to let professionals handle your online presence.

Session cookies

These cookies remain on the browser as long as your browsing session lasts. Once you open a new window, you will be treated as a new visitor and there will be no recollection of your previous visits. So, once again, you will need to enter your credentials and other details if needed. Surely, the importance of using cookies is starting to be much clearer.

Persistent cookies

Even from their name, you can get a hint. These cookies are here to stay. Hence, they will remain even after the browser gets closed and the session is over. These cookies will remain for a longer period of time. Therefore, if you would like to annul the cookies, you would have to delete them. For example, a persistent shopping chart is based on persistent cookies. The browser will remember what you put in your shopping cart, but you haven’t purchased it.

This type of targeting reminds us of email marketing in the sense that it targets people with specific needs. When you send emails for marketing purposes, you target those that are most likely to need your service or product. Just be careful of those legal details of email marketing.

Cookies and coding

Now that we understand what cookies are, we can talk about their codding process. Very often, cookies are created as a string. Thus, these strings must be divided into multiple semicolons. This can be understood much better with an example. We often see websites that remember visitors’ names during their initial visit. Cookies are being used to store that data, so the next time the same person visits the site, they can be addressed by their name. Here is how that basic code would look:

Cookies and coding

Creating Cookies with JavaScript

With JavaScript, you can create a cookie in this manner:

Creating Cookies with JavaScriptThere is also the option of adding the date of expiry (in UTC time). The cookie in question should be deleted upon the closing of the browser by default settings.

deleted upon the closing of the browser by default settings

Change Cookies with JavaScript

When using JavaScript, a cookie can be changed in the same manner you created it:


Change Cookies with JavaScript

Deleting Cookies with JavaScript

Deleting a task is a rather straightforward task.

There’s actually no need to specify a cookie value when you decide to delete a cookie.

All you need to do is set the expires parameter to an already passed date:

Deleting Cookies with JavaScript

No cookies, no eCommerce

Of course, eCommerce wouldn’t be doomed without the existence of internet cookies. Before cookies were a real thing, people were still buying and selling things online. However, the productivity of it all wasn’t even near to where it is today. It is very clear where the importance of using cookies lays. The productivity of eCommerce has been taken to a greater level with this delicious and sweet addition to websites. Now that owners of business’ have tasted the sweet benefits, there is no going back.

Business owners, it is time to take action

Nowadays it is very hard to imagine a business that doesn’t have an online presence. In addition to that important fact and the importance of using cookies, some might realize that their websites are a few steps behind. But this is not a reason to worry. Most of us aren’t IT wizards and we cannot handle this challenge on your own. That is why it wise to seek professional help. Remember, investing in your online presence is one of the best ways to invest in your business. Make sure that your current online baking skill are up to speed. Use available cookies to your advantage and watch your business thrive.


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