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The Influence of Web Hosting Services Has on E-Commerce Website

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Influence of Web Hosting Services Has on E-Commerce

With so many advancements and competitors sprawling in the world of online marketing and business, people and marketers are drooling over finding a means to start their retail business. What’s bothering is not to only have a good idea to work on but to find a trustable and reliable web hosting service that can ensure to provide quality and managed WordPress hosting services.

Running an e-commerce business is so much more than just clicking fancy pictures of your products and uploading them while expecting a huge turnaround in sales. You have to maintain the performance of your site, the inflow of traffic and the many credentials your customer’s enter to make the purchases. If in the beginning you relied on shared hosting, now when the size of your site is expanded with tons of customer information and sites require fast and advance hosting plan while your inexperienced host shows a red flag. All such situation is likely to affect your business that will make you end up paying more than you have earned. A professional and managed web hosting services will keep an eye on every important area of your website and make sure that it performs well on the browsers, attracting huge traffic and converting leads with high speed navigation and in tab performance.

Apart from this, let’s check out the significant influence a web hosting service has in the e-commerce store. Read on!

Server Uptime

Server Uptime

Offering 99.9% server uptime is no surprise when you are consulting a professional web hosting company. Server Uptime is the amount of time your site is live and running on the server. It makes your target audience able to access your site at any time of the day. If your site is not accessible to your customer, you may lose a fortune and many potential converts.

Page Loading Speed

According to the fact, the attention span of online users is decreasing at a fast rate and the report presented by Kissmetrics shows that if the page loading shows a second delay in speed the site is likely to lose up to 7% of its conversions. Similarly, if the site shows 2 seconds delay than the website will experience up to 40% customer bounce rate.

The RAM and bandwidth are the two factors that decide the speed and performance of a site. If in case you want to shift your server to an advance host the distance of geolocation can cause a poor speed of your server and a lot of errors are generated during the journey. These problems rise the need for having a highly technical content delivery network on that every professional company offers. With the content delivery network, the web servers are scattered in smaller chunks over the geolocation of the main hosting server. The service provider transfers your content expertly without causing much trouble. This sustains the site speed and doubles its performance over the course.

A Robust Security System

A versatile and secured payment gateway help to bring back a customer to the site. A highly secured shopping experience builds up trust among the existing customers who feel motivated and excited to shop from your site. When a customer plans to make a purchase, he or she has to enter their credit card details and other sign-in information like id and its passwords. All of the credentials are to be protected from online hackers who can ruin the reputation of your brand and the corrupt you customer in a blink! A company once being a victim of online fraud can never recovered. So, you need to employ a robust security policy and certification to protect your data and payment methods and that is only possible with a professional web hosting service working for you.

Backup and Storage

Backup and Storage

You must have heard the popular saying “Always prepare for a data loss because it will happen someday.”

So yes, one should be prepared for a data loss because it happens when you least expect it to be.

Your e-commerce store has too many credentials from business data to passwords, customer’s credit card details to other credentials that require being backed up timely. By making copies of it and storing them in the cloud can help you recover your lose easily and efficiently. To run a smooth and trouble-free business you must seek consultation with an expert web-hosting firm that ensures to protect and safeguards your data and information from getting lost and from being hacked by external sources. When you choose a reliable hosting plan, you can work without any worry or havocs and extra expenses. The companies take all your worries and provide you a prosperous platform to do the business.

24/7 Website Maintenance

A server that is up and running round the clock needs to be maintained timely. It may show problems like poor loading time, server failure, errors in loading faculty sever or unfavorable customer experience. When things like these occur in the middle of the night how can you find a solution? To rescue you from all of these problems and to make sure your e-commerce store is in good working condition all day long the only problem ever is a proficient web hosting service provider. You never know when you end up in trouble. Some professional assistance must be there that extends their support whenever you and your site need them. The expert companies have their professionals working for you 24/7. They are there to address your queries. With the advanced technologies, they immediately detect any error rising in the server. With the performance checking tools, every area of your site is regularly monitored and maintained.

So, these were some significant benefits of having a reliable web hosting service provider. Boost your site performance, enhance the SEO rankings and enjoy an increased online visibility with quality services. Hire a trustable, reliable and successful web-hosting firm and leave all your worries aside.


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