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The integration of the website and the mobile phone application

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The integration of website and the mobile phone application

The current world today entirely relies on mobile applications and various kinds of websites. Websites today are turning into applications as they have become more powerful and strong now. Both the mediums have equal importance but can these mediums lie on the same channel together? Or one medium is more likely to cannibalise the other medium. The modern and the advanced era today requires the integration of both the medium in order to have the substantial and the huge impact on the integration on the business activities.

The overall answer to this question; however, comes down to the behavior of the customer, due to the convenience that application provides customers are more likely to use applications rather than visiting their websites. In most cases, websites are used passively, whereas applications are used actively. It is mainly because websites allow the customer to gather the needed information about the product/ service. On the other hand, applications help in achieving the main task. Nevertheless, websites cater to a huge number of customers, whereas the number of customer on the application is limited. By the time I am sure you have gotten an idea that both websites and applications are different in nature as their purpose and performance is different too,

That is identified to be the main reason why the two channels of marketing can’t compete for the attention of customers; instead, it is imperative for them to complement each other. Without waiting more time, we should head over to the techniques that can be adopted in order to integrate both website and application.

1) Shift traffic of the mobile website to the application

Despite having the attentive website, make sure you direct the daily visitors on your application that is downloaded on your tablet or your smartphone. The main reason for doing it is that applications are stronger, more efficient and are designed in a better way than mobile websites. You must consider your website as your application doorway, which will filter out all the people to have the best experience that the brand can provide on the medium of application.

The best example of this technique can be seen on the mobile website of Amazon as it allows all its customers to locate and all the needed items into their cart. However, the shopping experience is smoother in its application which also includes one more operation such as the Buy Now button. The new feature on the application makes it easier for the customers to shop.

2) Reintroduce your best features of the website

Customer who generally downloads an application of the brand expects it to offer all the functions that the website offers; however, they expect the application to be more user-friendly as compared to the website. It is important for you not to introduce the application that is not in any way related to your website. Therefore, you must find a common theme for your website and your application.

Again the best example in this scenario is Amazon as it has built a strong search of the product and the features of account management in its application.

3) Innovation

One cannot emphasis enough on the importance of innovation; the best way to attract customers to the market is to bring the innovative and new idea in the market. Therefore, the above two tips do not in any way signify that you should copy all your website features and paste them on your application. No, it is important for your application to offer some new and innovative features that can compel the customers to download your application. Yes, it is important for your application to contain a few of your website features, but most importantly, you need to bring in the innovative features as well.

Again, I would like to quote an example of Amazon, as it has augmented the search function of its mobile phone by providing leverage to the cameras of the smartphone to make it easier for the users to the locate the items just by scanning them.

4) Continuous experience for the application users

With the advent of time continuation between the different devices have become substantially important. The organizations are also required to provide the customers with the continuous experiences of the brand in order to improve their experiences of using the application of the brand. It can also be said that the brands must make it easier for the users to open their application and be able to pick up mainly from they left off on your website. Therefore you are required to ensure that your application is able to pull in all the information and behavior of the user from the website mainly in order to develop the smooth transition. Another way that you can adopt in order to incorporate the information of users into the application is by adding the feature of creating a profile in the application.

Incorporating the example of Amazon once again, while using its website make sure you notice the process that is used to add the items to your shopping cart and on the other hand, use its application to continue the process of the check out on your smartphone. This is the most effective and the best examples of integration of website and mobile phone application.

The most effective and identified benefit of the integration of website and application is that together they are more productive for the organization. You must not consider your applications the smartphone version of the website when, in reality, it is much more than that. Allow both the marketing channels to perform their activities efficiently and then depend on each other in order to fill the gaps of each other. Applications are considered as the most effective source of engaging the customers; on the other hand, websites allow you to gather all the necessary information.

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