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The latest range of PC gaming accessories will build higher expectations among gamers

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PC gaming accessories

For playing PC games, you must have the best accessories that determine the level of interactivity of gamers with the system and are critical for providing the enjoyment that gamers expect. Even the best selection of games can turn futile if you do not have the best computer accessories for gaming. To get the most from the gaming sessions in terms of fun, enjoyment, and excitement you must have some of the accessories discussed in this article. Some are very basic like the mouse, and some like the headsets are beyond the basics, but from the user’s perspective, both are equally important.

Logitech MX518 gaming mouse

Ask any avid gaming enthusiast about the best gaming mouse and the answer would surely be Logitech MX518, the wired mouse launched 12 years ago. Banking on its popularity Logitech has given rebirth to the iconic gaming mouse that is now available around $60 from the manufacturer directly.  The new mouse has undergone a complete upgrade with the latest version of hardware incorporated in it, and the resolution selection ranges from 100 to 16,000 dpi together with 400+ inches per second. Besides the five pre-selected dpi settings uses can configure their own settings by using the buttons below and above the mouse wheel. The wired type is a better choice for reducing latency. Choose your color from one from the ‘Nightfall’ color scheme.

Nari Ultimate haptic headset from Razer HyperSense

To feel like being on the battlefield when playing war games, you must rely on the haptic feedback, a unique sound feature that creates the rumble effect of engines and the boom of an explosion that add the touches of reality to the games. However, the enjoyment was restricted to console gamers only because there were no compatible PC gaming accessories available to recreate the rumbling effect.

Now, PC gamers too can enjoy the goodness of haptic feedback by installing the Nari Ultimate haptic enabled headset. The headset has the unique ability to vibrate your skull in time with low-frequency effects that will leave you amazed.  You will experience the real feel in gaming when you are engrossed playing Battlefield V and hear the sharp blast of a grenade going off somewhere in the vicinity. Most interesting is that you notice the effect right when it tends to disappear. The haptic effects of Nari Ultimate headsets are so nuanced that it creates a lingering effect and leaves a lasting impression in mind.

Steam Link

Gaming Monitor

PC gamers could hardly enjoy playing games on the television screen which was within the domain of console gamers only because living rooms are not the right places for installing PCs. Moreover, it is also not practicable to keep shuffling the PC tower back and forth to play games on the television screen. Now, PC gamers can enjoy their games on large television screens too by hooking up a small device Steam Link to the system that allows streaming of games on PC all around the home on television screens.

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