The listing of Redbytes for iPhone App Design, Naming, and Localization

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iPhone app development, similar to other mobile application development is a complicated and tiring sequence. It is not abnormal for developers to leave out one  thing or the other. A single unnoticed/unattended issue or a human error can result in a severe consequence in the future. can turn out to be a severe concern later on. This is the main reason why planning ahead properly is needed and important for smooth flowing, trouble-free development.


Briefed in this article is a listing by Redbytes for design and localization of iPhone app development which keeps the brand on the right path.

Design Listing for iPhone applications

Below are the vital design attributes to watch out for during iPhone app development

Examine if there are any broken internal or external links in the iPhone App.

Inspect whether the word “beta” is removed from everywhere including documentations.

Ensure that the components to be operated along with the app are permitted by Apple

Ensure that the app’s user interface follows the design guidelines from the “Apple Human Interface Guidelines” catalog

Ensure sure that the app doesn’t have a long loading time.

Ensure that an animation is provided to mark the loading sequence.

Ensure proper planning of the resource usage and make sure it stays within the limit. Also, to be ensured is the fact that there should not be any slowdown of the platform.

Make certain that the app is not unusually based on existing apps and that there is notable dissimilarity to make it different from other apps

Apps which even by accident duplicate the Apple App’s working will be dismissed by the review group. So it has to be ensured that the app is located in a safe place.

Make sure that the app does not use the traits and intellectual attributes of other brands like logos, brand names etc.

Make sure and carry out tests such that the application does not affect the general operations of the phone. Apps which reduce battery capacity in the phone are uninstalled immediately by users.

Name Listing for iPhone application

The name chosen for the app is such that it could impact the prosperity of the brand’s app. Name selected should be convincing. Below are some facts/points to recollect.

Examination whether it is plausible to locate the app when searching by its name

Verify that the name is within 20 characters

Ensure that the app name does not contain any version numbers.

Verify that there are no 3rd party brand names in the app.

Verify that the app name is straightforward, memorable and apt.

iPhone application localization listing

Many games are focusing on foreign markets currently. The following attributes in the localized app have to be inspected before any further steps

Affirm whether that the localization language is the same as the targeted market’s language.

The following have to be inspected whether they are localized in the given app

  1. Application Name 2. Application Description 3. Application Description 4. Application URL 5. Support URL 6. Support Email  7.Screenshots and finally  8. App binary

Confirmation that the localization is done professionally and is not simply a word-for-word conversion.

Confirmation that the app does not have elements that are inappropriate for the culture/ tradition of the targeted market.

Confirmation that the app has the maximum number of cultural elements to appeal to  local customers.


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