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The Menace of Fake IDs

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The Menace of Fake IDs

Fake IDs are nothing new. In fact, among college-aged kids, a fake ID is considered normal or cool to have lest they miss out on college fun. This doesn’t ignore the fact though that fake IDs are a menace to society and it’s important for us to figure out what to do about it.

Where Fake IDs Obtained

Despite the fact that fake IDs are illegal, it’s not that hard to obtain them these days. One can find many fake ID sites on the Internet where transactions are done so discreetly that the authorities find it very difficult to track them down. These sites may focus on providing fake IDs to specific states while others cater to all the states.

Why Fake IDs are a Menace

Fake IDs are a menace because aside from underage college kids using them to have fun, they can also be used for illegal activities. This is dangerous not only for the minors but also for their families, victims, and society as a whole. Fake IDs these days are also able to replicate security features of legitimate IDs, which makes it hard to even distinguish them from each other.

How to Combat Fake IDs

Actions must be done to combat fake IDs to prevent them from becoming even more rampant. Rules and regulations regarding IDs must be developed and strictly followed in colleges and universities. Staff must be properly trained to identify them and be equipped with the latest technology to do so.

Authorities must also develop more effective solutions. One possibility is the issuance of a Real ID, which according to the Real ID Act, will make it more difficult to purchase fake IDs online among other things.

With stringent policies and effective solutions, fake IDs will hopefully no longer be a menace in the future.

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