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The Mobile Gaming Experience

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The Mobile Gaming Experience

Short History

In the past we could never have imagined mobile phones becoming such a sophisticated gaming platform. The number and types of games were very limited due to the hardware of the time. Because of rapid innovations in processing power, mobile phones have started to be taken very seriously in the gaming world.

During the 1990’s, the top spots were held by Nokia, Motorola or Sony Ericsson. They were considered to have the best products available when it comes to mobile phones. However, aside from doing the most basic tasks, such as: calling and texting, they were not capable of handling complex tasks. This was a time before Android and iOS were nonexistent.

Back then, nobody expected that these small and basic devices would be able to handle intense tasks which would be done by using a personal computer. In 1994, IBM developed Simon, the very first smartphone ever made. It contained some basic features like mail, sketch pad, note pad, calendar and address book.

Birth of Mobile Games

The birth of mobile gaming was in 1998 with the release of Snake. At that time, the game could be found on over 350 million mobile phones around the world. It may not seem like much today, but back then, the game was very popular and was a huge success. Snake has paved the way for new gaming experiences to be developed.

The next big thing came in 2000. Tetris, which was a popular arcade game in the past, has found its way into virtual space. The game had an appeal to a large audience because of its minimalist design and gameplay.

Minimalism in mobile games is a good observation to point out. These types of mobile games were not popular only back then, but even in modern times. Games like Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Temple Run and Flappy Bird also have a minimalist concept behind the gameplay.

Big Changes

During the late 2000’s mobile phone have become more and more sophisticated. The entire industry changed with the release of the iOS and Android phones. They have allowed developers to create more complex and graphically intensive games. And with the help of the internet many unknown developers are able to release their games through Apple’s App Store and Google Play for Android.

Because of these services, the variety of games that are available for smartphones have increased exponentially. Because mobile phones have better hardware capabilities, developers were able to adopt PC and console trends like MMO’s, FPS, Racing, and Action games.

There are some type of games that can only be conceived for mobile phones. Games such as Pokemon Go for instance uses augmented reality to merge gaming with the real world.

Developing for Mobile

There are other types of mobile games that are becoming more and more popular each day. These of course are online casino games. Because of the convenience of mobile phones, casino brands have adopted the mobile trend in order to be easier for people to enjoy their games.

Earlier, when the internet was booming, casino brands have started to shift to the digital world and made casino games available on personal computers. This made it convenient for people who could not travel to a real casino to enjoy their favorite game.

The emergence of mobile gaming and especially online gaming have also allowed casino brands to develop their own services in order for people to have easy access to their games. They no longer have to go to a real casino in order to play their favorite game, instead they can enjoy their game from almost anywhere with internet accessibility.

As I said before, minimalism in mobile games is the main attraction. And so, it’s no surprise that online slots are the most popular type of casino games. Slots come in a variety of different themes and for most people, its a relaxing and enjoyable experience. That’ why many casino websites use slots as their flagship game.

Because of rapid technological innovation, smartphones are becoming more affordable and thus many gaming companies are able to reach a wider audience than ever before. There are many online casino games out there to choose from, and if you search well enough, you can be sure to find one that suits you. For instance, you can find a wide range of exciting casino games to play on your mobile in Germany by taking a look at the helpful resources on the Casino Martini website.

Final Thoughts

Smartphones have changed the way we do gaming. They have shown that you don’t need a powerful computer or console in order to enjoy this type of entertainment. Even the simplest game can be enjoyable if done right. There is no telling how powerful mobile hardware will be in the future, or even if it will replace other gaming platforms such as PC or consoles.

In any case, mobile games have come a long way since they were conceived. It has taken the gaming industry by surprise and continues to impress with the variety of games it offers.

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