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Tips for buying A Bluetooth Speaker Wisely.

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Summary: The article helps identify the key features of bluetooth speakers and advantages of using these devices in day to day need. With the world becoming smaller and more digitally connected, various means of device communication like wifi and bluetooth are becoming increasingly popular. When it comes to audio output devices Bluetooth is the preferred channel of inter device communication, allowing for high quality output without wired clutter. While audio fidelity is marginally poorer as compared to options like air play, it is non discernible for the general mass and is hugely accepted as a viable alternative for telephony or music output.

Benefits of using a Bluetooth output device

The key considerations that push you towards a Bluetooth Speaker are:

  • Wireless- Bluetooth or NFC allows inter device communication without wire clutter
  • Portability- Most of the speaker are light, portable, enabling the definitive portability experience
  • Versatility-These speakers help you pair with a range of devices which include computing devices, smart phones, other telephones and a wide variety of other NFC enabled devices and give a high quality audio output.
  • Price- The price points of these products are on the lower side enabling ease of purchase.
  • Availability-These products are easily available over the net easing ease of access
  • Energy efficient-The devices come with robust batteries with efficient energy usage
  • Ease of use- As these devices are simple pairing devices ease of use is high including no requirements of complicated installation processes, with most being plug, pair and play devices

Additional Features for specific needs

Beyond the normal requirements of audio outputs, if specific or custom needs are there, Bluetooth devices are able to fulfill the same. These include:

  • Stereo Speakers to be able to deliver left and right channels in a single device
  • Outdoor speakers which have a specific robust design including possible waterproofing
  • Home theater speakers which are partially wired with only rear speakers being wireless.

Indian Bluetooth speaker market

The Indian Bluetooth speaker market is flooded with a variety of products ranging from high end varieties like the Sony, JBL to value brands like Samsung and unknown ones like PureVoca and Jawbone.  Samsung Wireless Audio Portable (WAP) DA-F61 for example is a popular speaker with 20 watt power, 2 channel compatibility and audio bass at an affordable price range in the 15-20 k price bands. So if you are looking for an output device for your office telephony, mobile phones or just speakers to enjoy music in your quiet solitude, these speakers are the right device for you to interconnect your gadgets.

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