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Tips to make your Android phone safe and fast.

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We all are living in a digital era. Mobile phones are now a part of people’s day to day life. You can use mobile phones to talk with your friends, relatives, send messages, video calling and many more. Few Years ago buying a android mobile phone is too expensive and cannot be afford by many of peoples especially for middle class. But now there is various and budgetary android mobile phones available in market. You can now easily buy an android mobile phone for just Rs5000.

Buying and using an android phone is not enough. As I had already mentioned that we are living in digital era and always surrounded by its bad part like cyber criminals, virus, spyware etc which can also infected your android phone as well and stole your confidential data.

Here in this article i will show you how you can make your android phone safe and fast.

Always use Antivirus on your phone

It is highly recommend that you always use an antivirus on your android phone. Using an antivirus can solve most of your security concerns. There are plenty of security apps available in Google apps directory. I personally recommend “360 Security” for android phones, because it is free, light weight and doesn’t take too much memory of your phone. I use this on my personal phone from a year and never had any problem.

Clean up your phone junk files and processes

I suggest you to clean up your phone’s junk files and unwanted processes. You can use”ccleaner” app to clean your phones junk files and process. This app will clean up your phone’s junk files and boost up your phone memory and RAM. If you are using 360 security then you can also stop the auto start apps on your phone, which will unnecessarily consuming your phone’s memory.

Update your apps

Always make sure that you have updated your installed apps regularly. This will help you to make your apps compatible with your phone and provides better security as sometimes updates contain security patch as well.

Never install unauthorized apps.

Never install third party apps from unverified sources as it contains harmful codes. Always install apps from Google Play store which have verified publishers and provide frequent updates and support for the apps.

Do not install too much apps.

Do not flood your phone with apps. Install the apps which are very necessary and uninstall the unwanted apps. Because using too much apps can decrease your phone performance which can lead to frequent or regular hanging of your phone.

Disable your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Do not on your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi networks until you completely aware that the connection is secure and reliable. Because the main reason of virus and spyware attacks on your phone are coming from these connections. So, don’t enable your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections until the network is verified and reliable.

Final Word

These are few basic tips which can help you to make your android phone safe and fast. I tried this tips on myself also and found it very effective. So, if you don’t want to bother yourself with a messy phone and just try out these few tips. It will definitely work out. If you have any thoughts or suggestion regarding this topic you can share it with us. Just drop a comment below. We love to hear it from you. Thanks for reading.

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