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Top 10 Best Tools For Creating Mobile Applications

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Top 10 Best Tools For Creating Mobile Applications

The ideal mobile application is a multi-functional, simple and convenient solution. It takes less time to create it than for a full-fledged site, although today’s achievements in development expressively confirm that mobile ups are no worse in terms of convenience or function. If you are ready to start creating them, then you only need to think over such things like application development environment, a set of tools, helper programs and where to get information from.

Android has become the most popular operating system for smartphones and tablets in recent years. But many application developers still prefer to use iOS as the starting platform for their projects. The fact is that owners of iPhone and iPad are used to spending much more money on mobile applications than owners of Android devices. Therefore, not all developers bother with the simultaneous development of versions for Android and iOS, while there is no certainty that the application will be in demand.

What is the best way to create custom mobile apps? For this purpose, there are quite a lot of different development tools, and together they provide almost complete freedom of creativity – both for amateurs and professionals. I advise you to pay attention to 10 tools designed for quick and easy programming. Some of them are designed for inexperienced developers – just basic programming knowledge is enough to create a ready-made application for Android or iOS – albeit not too complicated. This is necessary for many companies that do not have their own highly qualified IT-specialists, but strive to be like everyone else and to ensure interaction with their customers through their gadgets.

There are some tools that helped me save a lot of precious time from my daily life, and also helped me to create better applications. Therefore, without wasting time, let’s get acquainted with new and amazing tools for professional application development for Android

Application Development Programs

If you do not want to wallow in the complexities of development, but prefer ready-made solutions, then your way out is a constructor. Today there are more and more of them, so to do something standard and uncomplicated for mobile traffic will not be difficult. But, someone people lack time and do not want to waste time in learning how the tools work. Best suggestion for them is to look for mob app developers for hire or a mobile app development company Australia to make things easy and minimizes complexities.


Let’s start with the heavyweights. This constructor is not for beginners, as it requires minimal knowledge of C language. From the pros – suitable for applications like Android or iOS, and also contains useful internal metrics to track user behavior.

JQuery Mobile

If you need an interactive, cross-platform and responsive application, then jQuery is your solution. A huge number of modules will allow you to implement any idea of ​​any complexity, and a variety of new products from the community is an ideal field for creativity.

Android Studio

A comprehensive cross-platform environment for developing applications on Android. In terms of functionality, it doesn’t fly. In addition to the tools for the app itself, you can count on a full set of useful pieces from Google Analytics, integration with cloud storage, etc.


A good, medium in functionality platform for developing mobile applications , which is suitable for solutions for medium and small businesses in the field of catering, entertainment, etc.

For those who need a cross-platform and highly customizable solution. The company calls its main advantage the speed of creating the application and, given the acceptable quality at the output is very suitable for working out the back end.

Bizness Apps

There is a division according to the specifics of the business, but only for small and already developed segments. If you are on the list, you can count on templates with all the necessary tools for further optimization. Suitable for Android and iOS.

Dojo Mobile

For those who are a bit aware of HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Rejoice at the number of widgets ready for the themes and appreciate the cross-platform.


Let’s talk about gaming apps, since mobile application development tools are not far behind in their functionality.


A well-known and time-tested constructor that offers a native, cross-platform application with good internal analytics. You can add push notifications, advance and test – in a word, replace a full-fledged team of developers.


High-quality designer who boasts the implementation of any idea at a decent level. Cross-platform, adaptability, fast content processing, many modules, and most importantly – a very developed community of adherents.

The past years have been a real breakthrough for development tools. With the help of those tools, developers began to do everything – to test, monetize, advertise and promote, analyze. In fact, now developers assemble their applications from components, like cubes.

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