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Top 10 Mistakes That Make When Hiring Dedicated Game Developer

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Nowadays, the gaming industry is booming because of advancement. Industry concerning the Internet and Technology has come to new ages than it was some years back. Technologies on which API, UI, Software, Firmware, and Architecture development are dependent are progressing with the introduction of an all-new development environment regularly. New technologies are better than the previous ones and require a new skill set to leverage that technology. Game development is a part of new technology so it is giving competition to other skilled game app development.

Mistakes That Make When Hiring Dedicated Game Developer

During this pandemic of Covid 19, people are looking for ways to keep themselves busy at home so playing rummy games is the best option for it. Obviously, when everybody will prefer online games in such a situation, then the scope of game development is really vast. So, these online game playing options are becoming very popular these days as it is totally safe to play online rummy games. So, these games are the best sources to generate good revenue. It is obvious that if you have any dream to earn through online games, then game development is a good business. But there are some precautions that must be taken while hiring a game developer so that you can get the best product.

If you are looking to Hire Dedicated Game Developers for your game development, there are some mistakes you need not commit before bringing them on board.

Only Tech Expertise 

  • When you go on to Hire Game Developer never look for technical expertise only. Check his/her overall skills before taking any decision.
  • Development is the work of visualization as well as coding, one may be a good coder, but if he/she can’t look at the bigger picture, you will have a machine like an employee working for you.
  • When the ideas come from a game developer, they are far more applicable and feasible than any other employee of yours.

Ignoring Communication Skills

  • You being a part of Game Development Company could end up ignoring the communication skills of a coder; never go down that road.
  • Communication doesn’t only mean giving presentations, it involves communicating with your team and superiors when working in an organized environment.
  • Employees face many issues or have better ways to implement specific projects, but if one is not able to express could come out as a bottleneck in your tight schedules.

Letting a Full Stack Developer go

  • Full-stack developers are showing up on every job posting due to the extensive industrial requirements.
  • New full-stack developers are also coming in bursts, so there is no scarcity of the developer you need for the specific work.
  • Finding the right match for your kind of company and platform is the most significant task, once you get your hands on someone having that expertise, never go back.
  • Training is one thing and hiring a professional coder who understands your business is another.

Diverse Job Descriptions 

  • Finding a specific talent requires certain skill sets which a generic job description will never do justice to.
  • A specific JD attracts only the talents fit for that role.
  • While screening and conducting interviews a good job description can save a lot of time, funds, and efforts.
  • Finding a jack of all trades is difficult and in pursuit of doing so, we usually let the real talents who fit the role go away.

Making Managers Hire Game Developers 

  • Your manager with an MBA degree must be good with hiring but the hiring of a tech guy requires subject matter expertise. Only then, you can find the perfect employee for your project or business.
  • You don’t want to let go of a real talent because your hiring manager does not understand the skill set of that candidate.
  • Techies feel comfortable when they are being interviewed by the coders rather than anyone else in your company.

Not Giving Proper Feedbacks

  • Feedbacks are necessary after interviewing the candidates. It helps them in improving their performance.
  • If you think that the particular candidate doesn’t fit your role communicating this becomes essential.
  • Once you do this, it says a lot about your company and techies love work with the companies who have a good culture.

Not Doing Telephonic or VC Interviews Before the PI

  • It takes a lot of effort to travel and appear for the interview if you screen employees efficiently before the PI a lot of hard work would be saved on both the ends.
  • Employees value the companies who trust technology for their operations.

Not Having a Dedicated UI Designer 

  • Designing and implementation are two different aspects and you need to treat them as the work of different employees.
  • If your design is not of the highest quality, you are going to lose a lot to your competitors.
  • A designated UI and API developer solves the purpose which could not be satisfied by any other technique.

Large Assessments 

  • No one wants to work for free, asking a candidate to write 500 lines of code just for screening is absurd.
  • If it is at all required for the process, consider paying them for the work they did for you.
  • The best practice is to have a short assessment which could tick mark all the aspects you are trying to cover.

Going With the Culture misfit

  • You may have found the employee perfect for this role, but it may be difficult for him/her to adjust in your working culture.
  • Culture mismatch decreases the productivity of employees as they start losing the sense of belongingness.
  • Once the skills are matched an HR interview looking for a culture match is a prominent requirement.

Bottom Line

Every Game development Company is now shifting towards internet-related technologies so that they can showcase both client and server-side capabilities to the users looking for new content and applications. Mobzway Technologies offers immersive and interactive gaming platforms which are diverse and equipped with the latest technological advancements. So, you can run your business smoothly with Mobzway, even in this pandemic, by developing online games of users’ choice. Our experts are always available to assist you with the best knowledge.


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