Top 5 Pay Per Click Tips for Beginners

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Digital marketing has taken the world by storm. These days it is imperative to create a face for the company online. In order to survive in today’s cut-throat competition, there is an enhanced need for the businesses to be discovered online and found at the top of the search results.

If you don’t have the time to propel your business through the SEO process that takes time to take your business to the top of the search engine or are in a highly competitive industry, then you need a PPC campaign. Pay per click can locate your company at the top of the Search engines almost instantly.

So what is Pay Per Click (PPC)? It is nothing but the art of using advertising in the search engines for generating more clicks. In the internet, pay per clicks are also known as Cost Per Click.  In this case, the advertisers have to pay the search engines or the website owners whenever their ad gets clicked and the user is sent to the destination URL or landing page.

Advertisers with search engines typically bid on the keyword phrases that play a vital role in acquiring more customers. PPC together with cost per impression and acquisition are used to assess the profitability and the cost effectiveness of the digital marketing. One can also measure the users’ attention as well as the interest with this campaign.

So if you are new to PPC campaign and want to explore how it can help your business, here an explanation is provided to help you gain a deep understanding of the PPC campaign and how it can benefit your business.  Just read on.

  • Try to Understand the Work Structure of PPC – The results that are shown on the right sidebar or at the very top of the search results are considered the paid search ads. At the time when you setup a PPC campaign and go for creating ads they show up in these positions as long as the bids are high enough to deliver the impressions of your ads.

Through this, you are bidding against other companies and you will only pay when someone clicks on these ads. The highest bidders secure the top positions and they are likely to get the highest volume of clicks. The biggest advantage of the PPC campaigns is that you can attract instant website traffic as long as you have competitive bid strategy.

  • Incorporate Keyword into Ads after Research As Much As Possible – Ensure to incorporate the keyword into the ad copy as much as possible. This way you can grab attention of the users who are searching with the phrase with which the advertisers are advertising. That is why at the keyword selection you should do ample research to identify the most suitable keywords according to the defined conversion goals. With the PPC campaign you want to target the buyer keywords and not the general ones that will cost you money but will fail to deliver the results. For example, if you are selling vintage watches then you should target the keywords like “buy vintage watches” instead of the generic term “vintage watches” as the term may end up costing more per click and will fetch the information seekers to your website instead of people who are willing to convert.

You should try and incorporate the keyword in the headline as it’s is the first thing that people will see at the time of hunting for the keyword. If the key word is right there at the headline then they will be interested to know more about it. The beginners may use such strategy in the ad description or display URL. Such strategies work great for the newbies trying the PPC campaigns for better results.

  • Have Conversion Goals that Are Defined– Prior to setting up a pay per click campaign, you must have well-defined conversion goals. You have to think in advance what you want the visitors to take when they land on your website and what your goal is. Some of the common goals of conversions include gaining newsletter subscribers, completing lead capture forms, completing online forms, completing online purchases and receiving phone calls. If you have pre-determined conversion goals it allows you to create the proper copy and select the appropriate keywords around the goals.
  • Design the Relevant Landing Pages – You should keep it in mind that home page is not a landing page. That is why you should not send the targeted audience to non-targeted homepage. You should create a simple landing page where the audience can pick up where the ad has left off the users and they get what they are promised.  If you land your audience to irrelevant page you can confuse your audience and lose the potential sale.  A good landing page should have clear call-to-actions and strong headlines. It should bear the deals and words that are relevant to the keywords search along with the images if any.

The beginners of this campaign should know here that PPC is all about ease of finding what users are looking for as well as relevance. Though page design also plays a role but relevance is far more important than that in this case.

  • Determine the Budget of PPC – Reverse engineering is what is at play here. You need to identify what your ideal cost of customer acquisition is. You will need to contemplate a bit with numbers and determine your starting budget. Then you can adjust from there. If you are selling a product that provides your business $5000 profit and you want to convert 1 in every 50 visitors then even at $50 per click you will get 100 percent return on investment. The good thing about PPC campaigns is that you can optimise the campaign and improve its performance. This involves a steep learning curve. That is why most businesses prefer to work with reputed pay per click companies in the USA from the very start.

The above are some of tips if your want to start a pay per click campaign for your business. Though this can be successfully executed without prior knowledge but it is always advisable that you hire a reliable company that has optimum experience in the field so that you do not incur losses during the learning process.


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