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Top 6 Global Technological Advances That Have Changed People’s Lives

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We are living in a modern world, wherein different technological advances have made my life easier and comfortable. For example- Our smartphones are 60,000 times lighter than the original computers. Moreover, today’s agricultural production and life expectancy are the highest in the history of mankind. In recent years, scientists, inventors, and artisans have created outstanding inventions that have changed the people’s life greatly. Let’s have a look at those amazing technological advances one by one.

  1. 3D Printing

 3D Printing

For a long period of time, 3D-printing was a dream for individual designers-enthusiasts. Nevertheless, the gradual improvement of technology has now made to possible to diminish the cost and price of printing with the help of 3D printing.

Using 3D printing, gigantic factories are now able to print the 3D model of a large number of goods and manufacture awesome products as per the changing demand of customers. As a matter of fact, 3D printing technology allows you to create lighter, more durable and complex designs of products and make the exact products needed by the customers. Printer cartridges and Ink Cartridges for 3D printers are also inexpensive compared to traditional Toner Cartridges. So, 3D printing technology is a boon for all those companies that are in the printing business.

  1. Unmanned Vehicles

Unmanned Vehicles

The era of self-drive cars is near us. Soon, cars with autonomous control systems will be a reality of our life. If you take the data of American statistics, the USA loses more than 340 billion dollars due to road accidents every year. If all cars on the roads were completely autonomous, then the country will be able to save up to $306 billion dollars. Unmanned cars will help us a lot in better traffic distribution and greater security. We all know that frequent road accidents cause great economic costs every year. Several studies have shown that about 90% of all accidents take place due to human errors.

loss of revenues caused by road accidents

 (Data showing the loss of revenues caused by road accidents)

  1. Drones


The use of drones has quite common in the people’s life. It performs several serious tasks and is also an excellent toy for children and adults. Now, drones are being used in many industries as shown here below:

Industries Where Drones are being used Major benefits
Defense To monitor the activities of enemy countries, take clear pictures, attack terrorists, etc.
E-commerce Industry For the delivery of purchased goods to customers.
Food and restaurant industry For the delivery of purchased foods to customers.
Agriculture To keep a close eye on the condition of farms and take steps accordingly.
In emergencies Drones have the ability to penetrate into inaccessible and dangerous places for people. So, it is a very helpful tool in natural calamities, such as floods, earthquakes, nuclear power plants accident, forest fires, etc.


  1. Bionic Eye

Can you imagine the feelings of a blind person who can’t see anything and experience the world around him/her? Blindness can occur due to a number of reasons, such as the growing age of the people, retinal degeneration, etc.

Bionic eye is a special device that allows blind people to distinguish between visual objects and compensate the loss of vision up to a certain extent. It is s based on the implantation of a retinal prosthesis into a damaged eye, which allows doctors to supplement the intact neurons in the retina with artificial photoreceptors so that people can see things once again.

  1. Augmented Reality Devices

Augmented Reality Devices

Can there be virtual objects in the real world? What used to be fiction some years before, is now an element of everyday life. The fact is that the technology of augmented reality is now available for PC and smartphone users. For example- The newest smartphones based on the Android operating system (the latest generation iPhones also) allow you to obtain the necessary data 24*7 from all places if have access to the internet. It is possible due to the Augmented Reality (AR) technology. This technology has enriched the knowledge of business professional, IT companies, and common individuals.

  1. 5G Technology

 5G Technology

Currently, telecommunications companies around the world are actively using third (3G) and fourth generation (4G) networks to meet the needs of mobile and internet users. As the number of tech-savvy people (who demand fast internet) is increasing every year, smartphone manufacturers are seriously working on next-generation mobile communication standard – 5G, which is expected to be implemented in 2020.

5G Technology

You must know that 5G technology goes far beyond mobile Internet connections. Broad bandwidth capabilities offered by 5G networks will allow you to make one million connections per square kilometer of covered area. It means that these mobile networks will be able to connect smart cities and devices working with the Internet of Things without any problems. Unlike 3G or 4G subscribers, 5G users will not face the mobile network problem in crowded outdoor concert venues. As per the technology experts, the data transfer speed in the 5G network will be 20 times higher than the data transfer rate in existing 4G networks. So, with this outstanding speed, 5G technology users can a download full-length film (in the high definition standard) in just one second. So, it’s a really amazing technology that will revolutionize the people’s life.

Final Words

New technological advancements always make our life easier and comfortable. These are the top 6 technological advancements that have changed the lives of people up to a great extent.



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