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Top Best Alternatives of Windows Media Player.

by Team Techcolite
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Windows Media player is one of most popular and widely using application for watching videos. Somehow most people not be able to use or sometimes did not like to use windows media player. For them there are plenty of alternatives available to use. Let me also clear you that you will not be able to use windows Media Player or Windows Media center in coming Windows 10. So, you have to choose the alternative of media players. In this article I will tell you some of the best and top alternatives of Windows Media Player. All of the below are free and open source.

VLC Media Player: – VLC Media Player is one the most popular known alternatives of windows media player. I personally use this Media player. This free media player comes with lot of options and customizations. You can play almost every extension of video files. VLC Media player comes with thousand of extensions and skins which help you to customize it at your choice. You can play low quality videos to high quality HD videos in VLC Media Player.

KM Player: – KM Player is known as one of the premium quality of media player. You can play videos in HD quality and watch TV and Movies online. The KMPlayer is a versatile media player which can cover various types of container format such as VCD, DVD, AVI, MKV, Ogg Theora, OGM, 3GP, MPEG… Also KM Player supports all the Codec from ffdshow and it additionally supports MPEG1/2. If you’re a user who finds it inconvenient to install Codec, who has a low CPU computer and/or a user who strives for an excellent multi-media playback player, you’ll be able to modify your environment to a convenient multi-media format by using KMP

Kantaris :- It is Free and open source media player which plays almost all multimedia formats without the need for installing any separate codecs. Connects to an online subtitle database, finds subtitles that are a perfect fit to the played media. Plays RAR-archives without first extracting the media. Beautiful music visualizations.

Final Media Player:- Final Media Player enables you to play 40+ types of video files like 3G2, 3GP, 4XM, ANM, ASF, AVI, BIK, CDG, CDXL, CPK, DIVX, FLV, GXF, LVF, LXF, M4V, MKV, MOV, MP4, MPEG, MPG, MV, MVI, MXF, NSV, NUT, NUV, OGM, OGV, PMP, RMVB, ROQ, RPL, SMK, SWF, TXD, VMD, VOB, WMV, XMV, XVID and YOP. Final Media Player also supports more than 40 audio file formats: AAC, AC3, ACT, AEA, AIFF, AMR, APC, APE, AU, CAF, CAFF, DTS, EAC3, FLAC, GSM, H261, H263, H264, IRCAM, M4A, MKA, MLP, MP2, MP3, MPA, MPC, OFR, OGG, OPUS, PAF, PVF, QCP, RA, RM, SHN, SPX, TTA, VOC, VQF, W64, WAV, WMA, WV, XA and XWMA.

These are some of the free and best alternatives of windows media player. I suggest you all to check them out. I will surely update this list and add more in near future. So, visit regular to check updates. If you have any known media player than you share it with us by commenting below. I will add it to the list.

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