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Valuable Tips for Using Mobile Phone and Technology Gadgets

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Valuable Tips for Using Mobile Phone

Modern man no longer knows how to live without a phone and other technology gadgets in life. But sometimes mobiles and gadgets become the cause of a nervous breakdown. For example, when you are late for an important meeting, and the battery charge is almost exhausted. How to quickly charge your smartphone or gadgets and other useful life-lovers for your phone etc. Here are some utmost useful tricks and tips for using mobile phone and other technology gadgets:

Trick to dry the phone

If the phone gets wet, take a sealed bag and put rice into it. Put in a rice SPA smartphone, taking a sim card and a battery out of it. Close the bag tightly and leave for 24 hours so that rice absorbs moisture. In 60% of cases, the phone starts and makes it possible to make the necessary calls and transfer important information from it.

Sound amplifier from a bowl

To increase the volume of the sound of the phone, you can pump it with the program Volume Booster Plus. But the application does not work on all gadgets and makes the sound louder by only 20%. Optimize the volume of the speakers can be different. Put the phone while listening to music in an empty bowl or glass. The sound will become louder, more spacious and more pleasant by ear.

Air balloon case from the balloon you can make a beautiful case for the mobile phone

Inflate the balloon, clamp the neck with your hand. Put the smartphone on it and, pressing on the surface, blow the ball slowly. When the air comes down completely, the phone will be clad in a rubber case on the contour. Straighten the edges and cut the neck.

Fake call or SMS

An incoming call can help out in an awkward or difficult situation. Usually, they use the help of a friend for this. With the Fake Call & SMS application, you can make a call yourself, which is easier and more reliable.

Twisted wire for smartphone

Decorative and convenient twisted wire for charging mobile can be made from direct. Wrap the cord on a pencil, fix the ends with tape or clasps. Heat the wire with a hair dryer for 2-3 minutes, cool. Remove the spiral from the pencil.

Lens for macro photography Phone

It is impossible, you will say. But if you drop a small drop of water on the phone’s camera, the gadget has a “macro eye”, with which you can shoot small inscriptions on coins, stamens and pistils of flowers.

Stylus made of pencil and foil

Drawing on the screen with your finger is uncomfortable. For this purpose, the stylus is designed, which is easy to do with one’s own hands. It is enough to wind on the pencil foil, gently pressing the edges. The stylus is ready for work.

Tact to charge your phone quickly

Many of you have faced the situation when you need to leave the house urgently, and charging the phone is almost at zero. The charge time can be significantly reduced if you put the phone in airplane mode. A huge number of processes and modules that consume energy will be disconnected. Alas, you cannot receive calls and make calls in this mode.

Tips for using your favourite gadgets

When buying an iPhone or iPad, everyone gets the instruction, but not everyone reads it and uses the tips in practice. In general, the device can be turned on and used immediately, but there are functions that are difficult to detect and the secrets associated with its use. Many iPhone owners face such a problem, as the loss of contacts from the smartphone. In 99 cases out of a hundred will help the following actions. To return “Contacts” to the site you need to go to the settings, select iCloud and find whether the toggle switch is on this tab. With the toggle switch on, turn it off and on again, and then reboot the device. After these actions, “contacts” should appear again. So if this happens, do not rush to repair the iPhone and carry it to the workshop, try to cope on your own.

As for the reset of the iPhone, there are disagreements, some experts believe that from time to time a reboot is needed, others say that this is not necessary. The real masters in the field of repair are sure that the reboot does not affect the speed or autonomy of smartphones. Also, the masters say that the battery life is about 400 cycles, thus, partial discharge or charging will delay this moment. IPad owners know that the tablet can work without recharging for about 10 hours, will prolong the battery life some tweaks. You should know that lithium-ion batteries can be put on recharging when convenient, and not when the device is discharged. However, the master advises you to perform several cycles of a complete discharge of the battery.

A few more rules to extend battery life:

  • Use recommended only high quality firmware
  • Too bright a display quickly “sits” the battery, if you reduce the brightness, the battery will only benefit
  • Do not leave the tablet in the cold or under the scorching sun, otherwise the repair of the iPad will be inevitable. The room temperature for its use is the most optimal
  • Automatic rotation can be turned off if the function is not needed. The same goes for 3G and Wi-Fi, do not use it – turn it off temporarily
  • To keep the tablet working longer, set the auto-lock so that the gadget’s screen goes out after a short while when you do not use it
  • And remember that the replacement of the battery in case of a malfunction must be made by a specialist.


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