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What Are Air Fryers and How They Work?

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What Are Air Fryers and How They Work

We can never tire of deep fried food even if we can suffer from serious health complications.

Fried food appears among the top food consumed by more than 90% of the world population. Suppose you are very cautious about the grease that drips from your delicious chips, chicken, lamb chops, name it all, then you have probably heard of air fryers.

They are all over the news and reviews for the last 3 years.

Eating healthier is clearly something that people are happy to do nowadays, especially with the new ways people are approaching healthier lifestyles, the air fryer being the tip of the iceberg. For example, health supplements are also seeing an uptake in use, but people want to know what is in them to make sure they are making the right choices, that is why they will look into things like MCT Wellness ingredients as well as other types, so they can get what they are looking for. Whether it is supplements or air fryers, people have a wide range to choose from.

Once again, the Phillips company offers you equipment that not only allows you to enjoy your fried meals but also keeps your health in check. If you are still using the modern deep-frying methods, below are facts that will make you run to the nearest Phillips store or make an online purchase.

Working Mechanism

The name of the product already reveals its working mechanism. The item uses hot air to fry various types of food. Through the use of a mechanical fan, it circulates hot air at a very high speed by conventional means hence preparing the food at a fast rate. The circulating air is about 200 Degrees Celsius. Air fryers contain knobs that you can use to adjust the temperature depending on the type of food you are preparing. The high temperature ensures your food appears crispy at the top due to the Maillard effect and soft enough on the inside.

Types of Air Fryers

There are more than ten types of air fryers, but here, we are going to mention a few of the best for you. The first one id the Philips HD9641/96 Airfryer. It circulates hot air and oil evenly on your food, therefore, providing a nicely cooked meal. It goes for 249.95 dollars. Another perfect brand is the T-for ActiFry. The equipment belongs to a very smaller brand compared to Philips, but that does not mean it is of poor quality. It contains a paddle that flips your food enabling even distribution of heat and oil. Its current price is only 149.99 dollars.


Air fryers can prepare any food that you want deeply fried. There are a lot of recipes for the air fryer. Chips, chicken, and other variety of meat are the most popular. Apart from that, you can prepare crispy broccoli and other vegetables. If you are a strict vegetarian and want your leafy foods crispy are delicious, the air fryer is also for you. Other meals include doughnuts, roasted air fryer salmon, strawberry pop tarts, baked potatoes and air-fried peach hand pies. The above recipes are just a few of the applications. There are more than 30 other applications. The choice is yours.


  • Minimum Oil

The major benefit of an air fryer is that it uses 80% less oil that you use with the normal deep-frying methods hence reducing the count of calories you consume. Who said you cannot enjoy fried food and still maintain good health?

  • Multi-purpose Equipment

As mentioned before, you can prepare many different types of food using the air fryer including baked meals such as doughnuts and crispy vegetables.

  • No Specific Oil Needed

Air fryers do not require specific types of oil. You can use any oil as long as it is cooking oil. Do not stress about purchasing the most expensive oil because the equipment works in your favor.

Tips to keep in mind when selecting the best air fryer

  • Price

The price of the product matters despite the type of commodity. Consider a pocket-friendly but, effective item.

  • Watts

The higher the watts means, the more powerful the machine, but, the higher the cost of maintenance.

  • Basket Capacity

The size of the basket is an important tip you need to consider during this selection because unless you are going commercial, there is no need to go for an XL basket.

  • Brand

The manufacturing company of the air fryer has to be reputable because the better the name, the higher the standards.

Safety Tips when using air fryers

  • It is vital to heat the fryer for a maximum of three minutes before use. After you put it on, you can shake the basket gently to allow the food to mix proportionately.
  • Ensure to secure the best oil sprayer and cooking oil in the game to allow the food to get adequate oil without necessarily causing saturation when you are preparing a meal
  • Remember to create a good coat for your food as this will enable it to avoid burning instances
  • Be careful not to load a lot of contents in the basket

How to maintain air fryers

  • It is important to use the appliances that came with the product during purchases like baskets and pans
  • When pre-heating the basket before cooking, you can consider using a non-toxic and non-sticky oil spray to create a great coat
  • Clean the fryer as often as possible and do not forget to remove the pans and baskets after cooking to make cleaning easy
  • Experts recommend that to come off with a spotless air fryer, consider soaking the appliances in water to loosen the grip of dirt.
  • Store in a cool and dry place

Demerits of air fryers

  • Most of them have plastic as the core material of production creating the impression that when the temperature is too high, the food could smell like burning plastic
  • Most timers have a maximum limit of half an hour, thus, limiting your cooking options
  • There are no pre-set conditions for air fryers
  • They lack a transparent lid that can help you know when the food is getting ready
  • They are biased regarding the types of foods that they can fry, other foods cannot taste well when cooked using fryers
  • High voltage air fryers are not energy-friendly


The role that air fryers play in our daily lives is far too impressive to pass for any ignorance. Whether you intend to go professional or simply personal for a small family, air fryers will save you a whole lot of justice when it comes to getting the job done within seconds. The most amazing part about air fryers is that unlike other electronic appliances like air conditioning units that need to stay active, the only time that an air fryer will be operational is if you are cooking. It all goes down to meaning that they are one of the most durable and reliable appliances in the game. Try them out.

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