What are the best softwares for eCommerce?

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What are the best softwares for eCommerce

Since covid has come into our lives, everything has changed. We have to admit that the physical connection with others is something that cannot be easily replaced. However, when it comes to business and selling, as most small businesses have transferred their work online, this turned out to be not easily but successfully replaced by a good eCommerce software. On Riselane you can find the perfect fit for your needs! Here are the top 2 eCommerce software systems in 2022!

1. Shopify

This software has become viral in the last year. It absolutely gains its popularity amongst users for a reason. It turns out that it is a wonderful fit for most sellers on the network. It offers many advanced features that are easily adopted by the users. The platform gives you the chance to sell whether from your website, or on your social media streams, or even in person, literally everywhere. And it all happens directly and effortlessly.

Through Shopify you have the chance to evolve your small business website into a central hub where you can take control over everything including emails and redirection, any hosting processes and all payment executions.

It is not to forget that in addition to all the conveniences that Shopify offers you, it comes with fairly low prices and payment plans for your comfort throughout this journey, as well as a trial period of two weeks.

2. Wix

Wix is another one of the customer’s platforms. It gives you many functionalities including the drag and drop one. What is great about it is that it is not just an eCommerce tool, but a whole website creating tool that offers you many eCommerce options.

Of course, customizing your website is not only possible but easy to do. The important customization to make if you plan on selling your products theme comes to you with just a few clicks.

Wix is great for beginner small businesses and beginners in the online selling process. It offers the very basics and they are as simplified as possible such as tracking different orders, dealing with payment procedures and selling via many streams. And this is absolutely free!

However, many new and very useful functionalities are available in the paid version. Again, the prices are reasonable. What we can find as a disadvantage is that there is no trial period. On the other hand, this should be no problem as the basic version is free to use!

Transferring your business online or starting it from the hard rock bottom can be a challenge. With these two little helpers you will save a lot of time and effort and still manage to develop your business and reach your goals to the fullest!

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