What are the features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

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What are the features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

For decades, enterprises and business organizations have depended on Microsoft Dynamics CRM for streamlining client acquisition to mainly support commercial enterprise processes for the ease of business.

But, What Is Microsoft Dynamics CRM? It’s by far a robust, flexible, and cost-effective Customer Relationship Management software that drives measurable improvements to boost your business sales and increase advertisement along with the customer support wishes.

In case you’re an existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 user, you’ll know it complements consumer productivity by integrating with the gear you’re already familiar with, i.e.,  consisting of Microsoft workplace 365 and Outlook.

Best Features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

One of the brightest advantages of using cutting-edge Microsoft Dynamics CRM versions is that it easily lets you easily access the client data, customer information, analytics, etc. online and offline via a giant suite of sales and marketing options that provides best interface; same like in Microsoft Office/Outlook.

This interface ensures quick consumer adoption and improved results.

Additionally, Microsoft keeps on enhancing and updating Microsoft Dynamics CRM software features such that the product becomes more user-friendly. Due to this, users can easily customize those simply based upon their requirements without being an expert programmer or a so-called IT pro.

Some of the tremendous aspects loved with the aid of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developers in USA are listed below.

Cloud & On-Premise Hosting Options

In general, This CRM has two deployment options: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online or Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-Premise. CRM Online is a convenient cloud-based internet hosting solution.

It has many enterprise benefits including the ability to remotely get right of entry to and edit files in real-time, a fixed month-to-month value besides requiring any infrastructure, and better security protection.

Cloud also manages your updates related to this CRM software automatically and annihilates the need to purchase other hardware and license upfronts.

On the contrary, the MS CRM On-Premise requires you to set up your application and servers within your environment to complete the management purpose over your data.

Integration with other Microsoft Products

Dynamics CRM features have some of the best-unmatched integration functions with which it seamlessly integrates almost all the major Microsoft products such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office 365, and the SharePoint.

Moreover, it integrates with a number of other multitude products such as Adobe Document Cloud which makes digital signatures, account packages like Xero or Sage, ProntoForms to enable offline mobile access, and a single view of customer data more easily.

Sales & Marketing

In Dynamics CRM for sales, marketing, and customer service management, there exist easy to use feature-rich modules and interfaces which let your sales team access software anytime and anywhere without any technical issues.

The sales force automation in this CRM decreases the sales life-cycles but also enhances staff productivity in order to understand the customer needs and their prospects. Therefore, it is able to increase the interaction of your with the customer.

Overall, the sales and marketing automation module in this CRM software simplifies the list of potential customers and leads, creates marketing campaigns to make targeting easy in an audience group, measure the analytics & reports of campaign results, and finally follow-up your all marketing efforts.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an active marketplace of applications whose purpose is to help in building your CRM into better customer monitoring software to fulfill all your business needs upon demand.

Today, its community has more than 5 million active users. It is good to become a Microsoft Gold Partner because it will provide strong community support for all of your Dynamics CRM customers in the issues related to the latest information on system and software updates, troubleshooting, and more.

Again I would say to always use dedicated Microsoft Dynamics CRM development service provider in USA to make full use of the software in your business enhancement.

Customer Service

The customer services are always at the forefront of CRM software because of the core functionalities. It becomes a lot easier in the Dynamics CRM to break down all provided internal information quickly for working in better conditions.

It records every inch of interactions with pre-existing and new customers. The CRM keeps logs responses and solves the issues in a centralized location; thus, enabling your customer service teams to keep a solid backup of the accounts while responding with the best possible solutions in real-time to meet all customer needs efficiently.

Will you consider Microsoft Dynamics to improvise your organization?

Following below lies some reasons that tell why the organizations benefit from the services of Microsoft CRM, when hiring top Microsoft Solutions development company in USA:

  • It Can Work Offline: Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides the best offline mobile experience by allowing the users to easily analyze and update all the CRM without an internet connection.
  • Implementations Are Flexible: There exist many affordable options like cloud-based, privately hosted, or on-premise software solutions for those wise users who are looking to own the license such that hosting the software on their own servers becomes easy.
  • Easy User Customization: The Microsoft CRM software is designed in such a way that it fits with all the user’s role in a company. Hence, there are customizable options for customer services, marketing automation, sales generation, and reporting along with the analytics.
  • Best User Navigation: This feature in Microsoft CRM ensures the ability of the user’s to customize through instruction and video-based demonstrations about the things how to do and what to do!
  • Thorough Integration: Dynamics provides built-in integration and familiar user experience making it easier to implement if you are already using Microsoft technologies.
  • Protected IT investments: This is a reliable, industry-standard technology that will be able to change and grow with your business and provides incremental updates and improvements to the software.

Apart from all the listed features of MS Dynamics, this CRM product keeps updating itself with the latest features and enhances the collaboration of your business organization via proper communications and CRM & ERP software.

Yes, Microsoft Dynamics CRM pricing is more as compared to other CRM in the world of IT services and software. However, the advanced features it provides justify its rate. Thus, we would recommend you to download it and make your web services more effective.

Furthermore, if you have some doubts, then you can contact our CRM experts and ask for any help. We would be very quick in resolving your issues!

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