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What Are the Highest Paying Trade School Jobs?

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Highest Paying Trade School Jobs

While you’re working your way through grade school or college, people ask you what kind of career you want. The standard answers are either being a doctor or lawyer, but there are so many other options out there for people who aren’t sure what they want to do.

Whether you completed college or not, there’s a world of possibilities to consider. Trade school jobs give people unique opportunities that you should think about for yourself since they’re incredibly rewarding and fulfilling roles. Rumors about low salaries trail these kinds of jobs, but that isn’t always true.

Read on to learn about the highest paying trade school jobs you can start at any point in your life. With the right amount of training, you could find a new passion that fuels dreams you never knew you had.

1. Licensed Practical Nurse

When you think about nursing, you probably picture a room full of undergrad students studying day and night to pass the national exam and get their state license. University programs are known to be rigorous, not to mention the expensive tuition that you have to pay. That isn’t always an option for those who love the medical field, which is why you should look into becoming a practical nurse.

Practical nurses take direction from registered nurses and doctors, but they still perform nursing duties that will make your medical heart sing. They take care of patients and update charts in homes, clinics, hospitals and retirement communities. The average hourly pay adds up to $23, with some nurses making $29-30 per hour or more.

2. Certified HVAC Technician

The last time your heating or air conditioning unit went out, an HVAC technician saved the day. Now, the career might save you. As long as you have your GED, you can complete an HVAC training course in as little as six months and earn nearly $50,000 per year in a field where you can always find something new to do.

3. Full-Time Home Inspector

No home would be move-in ready without a home inspector clearing the place first. There are a few steps to reaching this $50,000 per year job. Check with your state to see if you need a license and if it’s not required, get direct work experience as a plumber, electrician or carpenter to land your future job.

4. Specialty Licensed Carpenter

Anyone who likes working with their hands should be a specialty licensed carpenter. Experts who have watched this field for years predict an 8% growth over the next decade, so it’s perfect for those looking to jump in and grow too.

5. Installation and Repair Plumber

People will always need plumbers, so land yourself some job security. Complete vocational training to earn a plumbing certificate at a community college and consider an apprenticeship program to get the training you need. Plumbers can make up to $36 an hour or more, especially if you never stop learning.

Do Your Research

The right trade job is waiting for you, so why not do your research to discover what you’d love to do? Check your state’s laws regarding licenses or certificates for the fields you’re interested in and then get the training you need to start your hands-on career.

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