What Challenges a Graphic Design Industry Will Face in Future

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The development of new technology is not a matter of years, but weeks and even days. Digital technology is progressing and changing day by day, and in the past five years alone, technology has changed to a great extent.

Even graphic designers work with advanced technology, so that they can avoid mistakes, and stay ahead of the competition.

What Challenges a Graphic Design Industry Will Face in Future

The graphic design industry is changing day by day, but there are many challenges that both the industry and the graphic designers have to face.

The Age Factor

The first challenge that the graphic design industry is going to face in the near future is the age factor. Before the new technology, the graphic designers in the industry were mostly middle age people, or experienced people.

However, the latest technology has given youngsters a chance to take those positions away from the older designers. This is mainly because the youngsters are really good with technology, and they know how to use it to appeal to the masses.

However, even though the young graphic designers have mastered the ability to use technology, in terms of functionality and aesthetics, they are not able to produce quality work. As every other brand is using tech savvy young graphic designer, it doesn’t really differentiate one brand from the other.

These young graphic designers have made the graphic industry, over saturated. As there are many graphic designers in the industry, they have limited job opportunities. When graphic designing services lead to high competition, it undervalues services.

A company has to fetch the best talent from a pool of graphic designers, so that they can outperform the crowd. Most graphic designers are now willing to work at low prices, just so that they can get more work. This undervalues the graphic designing work, which was considered very valuable in the past.

Crowd Sourcing

Companies crowd source and outsource their graphic design projects. These are a threat to the graphic designing industry, because it limits creativity and innovation. When companies crowdsource or outsource graphic designing projects, then they want an individual or an agency to just stick to their work model, and not sway away from it.

With the help of these two things, companies are able to get cheaper costs, and this is a threat to the stability of jobs of graphic designers. When volunteers or freelancers are going to work for a company, project based, for a less cost, and then what are the ones working for a graphic designing company, going to do?

Freelancers are a great threat to the graphic design industry, mainly because they offer cheaper rates. However, most of the freelancers don’t have the tools available for graphic designing, which proper companies do. When they submit their final work to the company that hired them for a project, then there is bound to be conflict about the quality of work.

Constant need to Stay Updated

As technology changes in the graphic designing industry, it has become a challenge for graphic designers. They need to stay head of the latest trends, so that their brand’s competition doesn’t trample them.

This constant need to stay up to date about different trends, gives them less time to focus on actual work, and be creative. There is no time for creativity and innovation, but a graphic designer has to work just like other employees do.

Another challenge that graphic designers face, is the pressure that they receive from companies to produce results. Graphic designers need some time to think, but they also need to manage time to meet their deadlines.

This sometimes impacts the creative process, but graphic designers can overcome this challenge, with the help of a little knowledge about graphic designing. They should read books, watch videos about famous and expert graphic designers, and then act accordingly.


One reason why graphic designers are not able to manage their time and the project in hand is because of constant communication. As technology has advanced, an employer likes to micro manage the people working under him.

If a marketing team hires a graphic designer, then they would want to constantly communicate with him, to give him ideas about what he should design for a poster or micromanage him. This can seriously affect the thought process of the graphic designer, and might even frustrate him a little.

This problem can only be solved, if companies give graphic designer enough time and space, to complete their thought process and come up with ideas. As for the problem of freelancers, there is a solution for that as well.

When freelancers work on a project, they don’t know much about the company, and what message it wants to send to the customer. However, if a company hires from within, not only will the graphic designer stay with the company for a long time, the company will not have to look for a new graphic designer each time.

This will help them cut out the expenses of hiring and firing, and they will get someone who understands the company. They will be able to properly communicate to the graphic designer what they want, and how they want it.

Most Important Factors to Be Considered For a Professional Graphic Design

There are so many factors that a graphic designer has to take into account, to make sure that his design is a success.

Color Consistency

The first thing that a graphic designer should be knowledgeable about is color combinations. In every graphic design, a designer has to use multiple colors and he should never use mismatched ones. The colors should match with the overall theme of a message, and must be clear and consistent.

Similarly, along with the color consistency, the graphic designer has to get the font of the text right as well. For this, the designer should know about different typefaces. For example, Avenir font is a typeface, which is a geometric sans serif typeface. The designer of this typeface is Adrian Frutiger. The font was released in 1988. The meaning of this font is future, and it is used for multiple purposes.

Designers can use this font to emphasize or establish their corporate identity. They can use this font for their university name or title, for captions and subtitles, or for promotional materials. There are many famous businesses and places which uses this font. For example, Apple uses this font for its Maps app, and even Siri screen in their iOS6.

Graphic Elements

The amount of graphic elements that are used in a design, are not as important as their quality. The size and solidity of the elements matter, and they should provide a perfect balance to the graphic design. For example, if a designer is working on a corporate catalog, then the collections of elements like shapes and sizes should not be messy or cluttered. They should be used in perfect balance to each other, or they won’t appeal to the people much.

Organization of Graphic Elements

In order to make the perfect graphic design, the organization of elements is very important. The designer has to use different lines, shapes, sizes, patterns and textures. If they are used in poor proportion, then that would be a drawback for the design. A perfect design would be one that is easy on the eyes, and gets the message across to the audience.

Importance of Graphic Designing

Companies should always focus on graphic designing, because it has many benefits for them. With the help of graphic designing, companies can create brand acknowledgement. They can create a brand image in the mind of the user, if the graphics of their catalogue or website are appealing.

If the company doesn’t communicate with the customers, then they can let the graphic designs speak on their behalf. If the graphic designing is effective, then it would appeal to the target audience. Pictures and graphic designs have a way of influencing people’s opinions, which no other thing has.

Further, when a website has poor design, and design discrepancies, then that impacts customer’s perception about the business. A good graphic designer will make sure that a website is legible.

A website should be designed in a way that it has readable font, can be easily navigated, and must have appropriate colors. Designers can’t use bright colors for background, and for text; one color has to be right to create a proper balance.

Graphics are used on product packaging as well. If the product packaging is not appealing, then who will buy the product? This is why; companies should invest in graphic designing, because it will help them generate sales.

When graphic designers are working on packaging, then they should consider what the clients would want, and whether they would be willing to spend money on the design they have come up with.

The biggest challenge that the graphic design industry is like to face in the next decade is the unlimited number of young graphic designers. More importantly, the lack of creativity and time management skills will make it difficult for companies to find people who have the ability to do something unique. The best thing to do for graphic designing is to give graphic designers more room to grow, to be creative and innovative.

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