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What Goes into a Video Production Process?

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What Goes into a Video Production Process

Videos got appropriated into marketing strategies for businesses due to their engaging and impactful qualities. Explainer videos are used to effectively describe a business and a product/service it provides. Animated videos have proven to be particularly useful here.

The video production process is not an easy one and involves a lot of hours and steps. A good video marketing agency specializing in animated explainer videos will have the necessary staff and equipment to give you the results you need.

Many factors have to come together and work seamlessly to create the best-animated videos. Here’s a glimpse of them:

Initial Consultation

The agency needs to know about the business and what you’re seeking, in particular, from the video.

Agency executives will sit down for a chat and go through every detail of the video to match your requirements like branding, the emotional connection you’re looking for, style and color, type of narration, types of characters, etc.

They’ll even go through your competitors’ efforts to determine how they can give you the edge through your efforts compared to them. Audience surveys may also be conducted to gain a better grasp.


The right words will have the right effect on an audience, where scripting comes in the video production process. It is the primary means of getting your message across through the video.

The knowledge gathered in the consultation phase about your branding needs will be implemented through script-writing. This can be created by your team and optimized by the agency, or they can create it for you and optimize it later with further consultation.

Creation of Storyboard

This stage essentially creates the blueprint of the video’s story with illustrations to be used in it. This helps with client review of the same, and any changes can be made right then instead of after the video creation.

Elements of the video, like the color, texture, lighting, mood, characters, designs, length, etc., will be finalized.

Voice Recording

Narration is a part of an explainer video, so a professional is roped in to give that narration using the script.

The characters’ critical voices are also recorded in a reasonable amount of time, which usually doesn’t go beyond 24 hrs.

The agency will hire professional voice actors for the same, and you can choose if that person represents your brand or not.


This step is where the still illustrations get combined with voices to create the encapsulation animated video that you want.

The agency personnel will use animation creation technologies to complete this stage. You can offer your inputs at this stage as well to make small modifications to the video.

Sound and Audio Mixing

Voices alone won’t suffice in a video. Other sounds like background music and environmental noises need to be added to make the video seem more natural and relatable.

Professional sound creators and mixers will be involved in this process to give your video the quality it deserves.

Delivery, Publication, and Marketing

Once you approve the final draft in the favored resolution, the video will be finalized and published by the company. They might even offer marketing services in some cases.

Explainer videos that have undergone the right video production process are the latest versions of storytelling that can boost bottom lines while being entertaining.

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