What Is Fishbowl Inventory System?

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Fishbowl Inventory System

As a business owner, you need to keep a balance between production and delivery. And for the same, you need to manage your inventory.

Traditionally, the best way to manage inventory is to keep a log of consumption and supply. But as the businesses became enormous, the need for more sophisticated tools also grew more prominent.

We’re trying to tell you that the age-old counting methods and noting down the inventory items are not efficient anymore. Perhaps, the need for automation in the inventory system is imminent.

Now, this is what the Fishbowl Inventory system does for your business.

A Short Walkthrough of the Tool

Fishbowl is a Utah-based software company. Its flagship product – the Fishbowl Inventory system – is available for manufacturers and warehouse owners.

As the name suggests, the tool helps manage inventory by automating the production and supply data.

In short, the tool ensures that you never run out of your inventory items in real-time.

Features of Fishbowl Inventory System

Fishbowl is designed for accountants, warehouse workers, and managers. Let’s explore how it can help you make your work easier and more efficient.

Notifications Of Vendor’s Requirements

The inventory system has Vendor Module options that can notify the users automatically for real-time data.

Now, what does this real-time data refer to?

Consider this scenario – there are often times when vendors won’t ship items until a certain quantity is ordered. Other times, there could be possibilities when buyers can qualify for a discount by ordering a minimum threshold value.

This is when the system would notify the user about any such shortcomings.

Category Capacity Planning

Fishbowl also allows managers and executives to manage their manufacturing schedules.

Now, think of it this way. To be able to manage inventory, the managers need to know their daily production. And at the same time, they also need to know their capacity to produce more.

The category capacity planning report feature helps with the same.

It offers detailed planning of tasks according to the days and over the week.

Production Demand Report

One of the fundamental necessities for managing inventory is keeping track of open orders.

A detailed overview of the finished products, the ones in the production line, and the ones that are still to enter the line, are some key factors to consider in this regard.

With the help of a sales production demand report, managers can get data related to open sales.

The data would usually consist of all the details, including open orders, completion dates, and deadlines.

Seamless Integration

The best thing about Fishbowl software is that it can be integrated with most of the available management tools.

It is worth mentioning that the tool is popularly recognized for its ability to integrate with Quickbooks. But, it can be combined with other tools, too, such as eCommerce platforms and CRM tools.

The open-source API feature allows third-party developers to create and integrate new tools.

Thus, allowing managers to make the most of their tool at hand.

Summing it up…

In a nutshell, the Fishbowl Inventory system is a tool that can help businesses manage their inventory-related tasks.

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