What is Marketing Automation

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Marketing Automation

When we look at what marketing automation is, we can say that it is a marketing tool. Specifically speaking, an email marketing tool. The most basic function of this tool is to organize emails into lists. Then various marketing campaigns can be sent into these organized emails.

Now if we would look in depth of what this tool could do we can see that it provides more than just organization of emails. They provide features like automation, segmentation, split testing and more. Automation reduces the labor costs and allows a company to perform labor-intensive work much more efficiently and quickly.

What are the major features?

It is a tool that is capable of many things related to online marketing. But if we are to look into details of what major features that are offered by the tool, these would be some of them:

  • No limits to Newsletter sending

This is a vital feature of this tool. Generally, when we opt for other subscriptions the number of things that we can do are very limited or restricted to a certain time scope. With the help of this tool, one can send an unlimited number of newsletters and also have the provision for auto responders.

  • Provision of templates

Templates always make it easier to work with. There is a certain guideline to follow whenever we are doing something. We cannot use a similar template for different types of campaign. This will hinder the prospect of the business.

With the provision of templates, one can choose from different formats and make the promotion more eye catchy. Also, since the templates would be based mostly on the pass/fail ratio, it would be optimal to use one as it would have been approved by a larger audience.

  • Insight to Inbox

When we are dealing with the promotions it is very important to get feedback from the user as well. With the help of this feature provided by the tool, we can have look at the inbox in a more organized manner. The inbox would be organized and thus it makes it easier to respond or interact with the audience.

  • SMS subscriptions are provided

SMS subscription is a type of text-based marketing. The way how this works is that the audience is reached out by the help of text messages. The general idea here is to have a promotional campaign and then use text messages to promote the campaign. This is one of the most popular ways of campaigning for a certain product and the tool makes it even easier. This is done with the help of a web-based program. This web-program, here our tool helps us send mass text messages in a single go.

  • It is an integrated platform

When it is mentioned that it is an integrated platform, it means that the tool can be linked with other social media platforms as well. This is a very good thing. Online marketing is slowly shifting to various social media platforms. The number of social media users are also on a rise. So, when this idea is incorporated with Social Media like Facebook, WordPress, and Zapier one can maximize the promotion. In the recent trend, social media has been a go-to for any company that has been trying to promote its product. It is because of the increasing number of users as well as the easy sharing feature. Any user can share the product more easily and gather more interest around the product. This is very good for business.

Campaigning is a major thing to do when we are planning to boost the sales of the company. If we are not able to generate enough excitement for our product we would fail to promote our product in the long run. With the help of campaign ads and tools that are provided, we can help boost the product. ActiveCampaign review and pricing help you to do just that. It is a tool that helps you with marketing automation. The pricing and all have been listed on the yeah-local website. It is comparatively cheaper than other products in the market and quite useful as well.

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