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What Is The Default IP Address of My ADSL Router/Modem?

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Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) is the most outstanding technology used to transmit digital data at the maximum bandwidth on phone lines. The main advantage of this technology is continuous availability unlike regular dialup phone service. You may search for the default IP address of your ADSL router or modem at this time. In general, many home broadband routers like SMC and Belkin routers have the IP Address by default.  On the other hand, any local network or computer can be configured by using this IP address.  If you take note of the following details, then you can get an overview about how to find out the IP address of your ADSL router or modem.

ADSL Router

ADSL Router

Users of the best in class router these days get more than a few benefits. They are happy and confident to suggest the ADSL router for their friends who ask about how they enhance the overall usage of Internet in their business.  There are many ways to find out the IP address of the router at this time.  You can make use of the most advanced software and find out the internal IP address of your ADSL router almost immediately.  If you wish to manually find out the IP address of an ADSL router at this time, then you have to do the following.

  • Open the Command Prompt in the Windows operating system
  • Enter ipconfig
  • Now, you get a list of results.
  • Look at the Default Gateway

The Default Gateway address is the internal IP address of your router.  Every web server knows an external IP address of the system. This is because this external IP address is used by web servers to send pages while browsing the web.

You may make use of the Mac OS and seek an IP address of your ADSL router at this time. You can find out an IP address of your ADSL router when you do the following things one after another.

  • Click the Apple icon and choose the System Preferences
  • Choose Internet & Wireless > Network

Now, you get the IP address of your ADSL router along with the IP address and the subnet mask of the Mac computer.

ADSL Modem

Many users of ADSL Modem seek how to find out the IP address of their modem correctly and immediately. They have to be conscious about how they choose a smart method and get an exact answer for their modem’s IP address. The most common IP addresses of modems available in our time are as follows.

  • Alcatel SpeedTouch Home/Pro –
  • Billion BIPAC-711 CE –
  • Dell Wireless 2300 router – 168.2.1
  • D-Link DSL-302G –
  • DrayTek Vigor 2500 –
  • Dynalink RTA300 –
  • Netcomm NB1300 –
  • Netgear DG814 –
  • Web Excel PT-3808 –

You have to be conscious about the main differences between the router and modem.  All resources on the network are connected to the Internet. On the other hand, router has to be connected to a modem. Each router has a particular Ethernet port. This port is used to connect the Ethernet port of the DSL modem or cable.  A modem provides the complete access to the Internet.  This device communicates with the network of the Internet Service Provider.  If the modem is cable or DSL, then this resource is connected with the infrastructure of the cable provider by a coaxial cable or telephone line.

Even though modem plugs into different types of resources like satellite, cable and fiber, they give the standard Ethernet cable output used to plug into the router or a single computer and get the complete Internet connection.

Advanced Internet Service Providers nowadays provide modem and the router in the same box. The best in class elements of this single box provide functions of router and the modem as efficient as possible. All users of this box reduce their efforts to setup the router and the modem individually. They keep away from all complexities associated with the individual router or modem.  This highly developed modem router communicates with the internet service provider and functions as the router for creating the home wireless network as efficient as possible.

People who make use of the ADSL router these days get more benefits than users of ADSL modem. This is because all routers in this category at this time have built-in basic firewalling elements. These resources support users to connect more than one personal computer.  The overall compatibility nature of these routers gives a good return on investment for all users.  An external router does not require any special software on the computer. Users of this resource do not worry about the driver requirement and update related issues. They are happy to enhance the overall security of the Internet as awaited.

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