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What to look after when buying a gaming laptop?

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With the winter just around the corner, with Christmas and New Year coming, it is good time to start putting some money aside, and to afford a brand new laptop for yourself. Here is a list which will (hopefully) help you to make up your mind.


First and foremost, the heart and brain of every computer. There is no dilemma here. The more cores, the better. To put it simple, quad-core processor at lower speed works better than dual-core one on higher, because it can perform several operations in parallel at once. Now, is it Intel or AMD, it is up to you and your previous experience. In general, if you can afford an i5 processor from Intel, you should solve all of your problems for the next several years.

  • i7 is even better solution, and this monstrosity will work like a charm

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Graphic card

This part will breathe in life into your favorite video-games. Some of those games are quite demanding, and will suck out all the resources they can get. Witcher: The Wild Hunt is one of those, and to play it properly, slight advantage is given to NVidia. But, there is no reason to worry. Almost any laptop branded as “gaming” one is optimized just for that, gaming, and will often come with two graphic cards. One for casual, regular usage, and the other faster and more powerful which will kick in once it is needed.

  • Take a look at graphic card’s memory, you will need a lot of it


The rule “the more the better” can also be applied here. You should look upon SSD type of a hard disk, and recommendation is any SSD drive. Although it has smaller capacity, you can use it as primary drive, and to put another one for bigger data requirements. Kingston, Intel and HuperX are brands worth mentioning and considering. As for RAM memory, 16GB should be sufficient, but aim for higher.

  • SSD hard drives are prone to data loss if left without power, so don’t let this happen

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Operating system

Pre-installed system on your laptop has its advantages and disadvantages. Good side is that you get set up, organized laptop, which you can use right away, but the price is somewhat higher. On the other hand, if you decide to take “blank” one, you will need to do all of that by yourself, but this solution is a bit cheaper, so see what fits you better. As for system itself, go with Windows 10, and Windows 8 as second solution. You will get an upgrade of the system for free, so you will save money.

  • Upgrading from 8 to 10 is not much of a fuss to do. Almost all the work system does by himself.


Almost regularly forgotten, this is an important factor. Those tend to be heavy (Alienware 18 weights 5.5 kilograms, just for the record), so think will you carry it too much around?

  • If you use it as a desktop computer, neglect the weight completely

So, we surely hope that this check list had help you to make up your mind. Put everything on paper, make calculations, and happy gaming!

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