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Why Consider Laravel Framework for Web Application Development?

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Laravel Framework

If you are a business owner looking for the best technology platform for web development, then this blog is for you. Whether it is a startup or an enterprise, the laravel framework is the most suitable technology to build business solutions for your customers.

Remember that picking the right platform is very critical to the web development process. And there are many different kinds of development frameworks out there, so why should you opt for laravel only?

We are going to discuss it in this blog along with the benefits laravel development companies can gain by using it.

Why laravel?

Laravel is a free and open-source PHP framework. It was created by Taylor Otwell to ease the complications of web application development. The popular PHP framework Symfony is used as the base in laravel. And now, it is considered one of the most famous PHP frameworks with the highest Github ratings.

Why is laravel the best framework?

Numerous advantages of the laravel make it the best app development platform. Now, let’s discuss what benefits a laravel development company can obtain using the laravel framework in detail.

Authentication and Authorization

Laravel development service supports highly secure authentication and authorization features. The in-built features are processed using artisan commands to build a web application with protection against possible threats.

File system

Laravel is a PHP framework that comes with in-built support for cloud storage like Amazon S3 and local cloud storage systems. Using this technology framework, you can easily switch between the available storage options in the system. The API will remain the same across the system. Even if you want to serve a file in a divided environment, you can use all three systems in a single application.

Object-oriented approach and MVC support

Laravel framework follows the Model-View-Controller-based architecture with expressive syntax. It is the best feature of this PHP framework. It also comes with an exclusive object-oriented library that supports heavy processing to verify a large amount of data.

Unit testing facility

How could one tell if the product is ready or not? Testing is a way to know whether the product is ready for launch or not. Testing is an integral part of the application development process. Every web development framework comes with a different set of development tools.

Laravel development services offer a unit testing facility so there isn’t any need to test your application separately. Laravel unit testing is a very easy process that can be run through the artisan command-line tool.

Artisan Console

Artisan Consoles are the command-line interfaces in the laravel. Laravel development companies can use it for publishing package assets, generating boilerplate code for models, controllers, database migration management, seeding, and many more.

The artisan consoles help the developers by reducing their burden of creating the code skeletons. You can also extend the functionality and capabilities of the artisans by implementing new commands.

Route caching

In the case of enterprise web application development, speed and performance of the app is the biggest challenge. That is where laravel comes to the rescue. The laravel framework has a route cache feature that is perfect for enterprise website development. Route caching feature increases the loading speed of the web applications.

Task scheduling facility

Laravel offers a task scheduler feature that allows periodic scheduling of the execution of the task. Laravel development companies can use it to run artisan jobs based on cron daemon.

Multilingual option

One of the best features of laravel as well as a reason behind the wide use of this PHP framework across the world is the multilingual option. Business owners are using this option to expand their business all over the world. Now, laravel developers can build web applications in several languages very easily because, with the multilingual option, language is no longer a barrier.

Package delivery

Though the laravel development service comes with different built-in packages, it can detect and install the packages automatically based on the customer’s needs. With the help of its automation facility, it can support multiple software. You can also use the composer and dependency manager to manage all the information.

Lengthy programming becomes easy

One of the great reasons to choose laravel for web development is that the developers can access the laracasts. They are specialized learning and practice tools. It offers free and paid tutorials to help to solve the complex issues of coding.

The laracasts platform consists of the content created by the laravel experts which offer structured instructions. This enables the development of the solutions as per your business objectives. So, as the information is loaded on the laracasts, the programming process becomes shorter and easier.

Built-in project environment

Laravel development services provide a built-in project environment to the developers. It makes things easier to manage. The built-in environment simplifies the lengthy and complex coding tasks that make them completely hassle-free.

This PHP framework offers a clear and standard way of coding for various types of website development. Businesses opt to invest in laravel technology over other frameworks just because of its ease of use and the speed of the development process.

Libraries and configuration

In addition to providing a built-in project environment, Laravel also supports several development environments and adjusts itself based on the platform where the application runs. This is because the libraries are integrated into the platform. Furthermore, Laravel libraries are empowered by auto-complete features, which do not exist in other PHP frameworks.

Blade templating engine

Blade templating engine is one of the most unique features of the laravel framework. It works with typical PHP/HTML code and is a very intuitive engine. Blade templating engines can help design attractive layouts very easily because the templates are lightweight.

To decrease the loading time or to create a good appeal, laravel developers can leverage the widgets of CSS. this would result in an improvement in search engine ranking.

Community support

If you are choosing laravel development services then be assured that you are getting the support of the world’s largest and strongest open-source community. So, if your team of laravel developers gets stuck at any stage of the development process, they can easily seek professional assistance from the community and get the solution as soon as possible.

Therefore, the chances of delay in the project are reduced to minimal.

Database migration

Synchronizing the database with different development machines is one of the most challenging tasks for developers. But you do not have to worry if you are using laravel. Because laravel framework helps the laravel development company to save the time of the development process by letting them share the databases with the developers in the team. This ability of the laravel makes it stand apart from other PHP frameworks.


After reading this article, I think you might have got clarity about the advantages of using the laravel framework and why it is called the best web app platform in the industry. Along with all the innovation and updates, laravel consistently manages to stay ahead of the other frameworks.

That’s what makes it most suitable for your next web application development project. Also, if you have any further doubts or are looking to hire laravel developers in India, feel free to leave a comment below.

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