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Why do IT Experts Think That Artificial Intelligence is a Threat in the Future?

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the fastest growing technologies in the modern era. It is gradually taking over all types of the industries in the world like education, healthcare, and the corporate sector. Life from different perspectives has become much easier and accessible for all types of people especially for the ones who are handicapped mentally or physically. While it has modified the systems across the world, it is not completely beneficial and rather could be severely harmful for the humans and the entire world. Some of the most renowned experts of the information technology field think that Artificial Intelligence could be a major threat to the world in the coming future.

Disastrous weapons can cause mass level destruction

The major hazard of artificial intelligence could be the severely hazardous autonomous weapons. It is evident that the growing advancement of artificial intelligence can control much larger things and even areas. Similarly, in terms of weapons AI weapons can destroy a major part of the world in a single attempt. Nuclear atom bombs could destroy a few cities and countries, whereas the weapons operated on AI software can cause collective destruction on a major part of the world which could include entire continents and multiple countries. Additionally, AI weapons would not even need human assistance throughout as they can easily work on their own once programmed for the task. The person handling the weapon would simply need to put in the right code for it and after that, the weapon would be able to mass destruction on its own.

AI algorithms are smart enough to effectively manipulate the audience

Social manipulation is a real issue which people do not even realize. The biggest example of social manipulation currently is how social media channels start showing ads just according to what you have mentioned while talking to your friends in messages. Social media knows everything and people cannot escape from it. The algorithm of social media channels is designed in such a way that they know everything from what a person is thinking, doing, searching and even what they are doing in their normal everyday business. If we think of it, it is a really scary thing like someone is constantly watching us and we are on the radar. No matter how much we try, our wishes, preferences, and choices are just not a secret anymore and in fact, an entire sea of people is aware about it. Lastly, even if you do not really desire a thing that you searched for, the social media algorithm will constantly show you the relevant ads which will automatically convince you to get the product one way or the other. It is not exactly convincing, rather social manipulation of people on the social media platforms.

No sense of privacy, rather constant social grading

AI would leave the people with no privacy. There are cameras everywhere and with the highly advanced, facial recognition is not much of a big deal. Therefore, there is no privacy left for the people and they can be easily recognized even through the cameras on their own smart phones. Countries have already started implementing social credit systems in which the citizens will be graded on their social behavior, now how it would have been possible if not for the highly advanced cameras and AI algorithm implemented with them? The social credit will be decided upon how a person behaves in public whether they have taken a jaywalk, did they smoke in smoking free zone, how many times do they play video games, and how much time do you spend on you on average. It is absurd complete invasion of privacy.

Improper commands can cause great destructions

It is important that the goals of the humans align with that of the AI machine. Considering the fact that AI is still a machine with no feelings and emotions, people need to be highly careful with what they command to the machine. The goals might be similar but the journey to reach those goals cannot be same always and rather could be a really troubling one. For instance, a person who has to reach the train station in a hurry commands the AI ‘Get me to the XYZ station as urgently as possible’. The machine would work on the goal and would make the person reach his destination in due time. However, since the command did not specify that human lives and traffic rules have to be followed as well therefore, in the process of reaching the destination the machine could cause numerous accidents and harm human life.

These are some of the most basic reasons which make the experts at essay writing service in USA think that artificial intelligence machines and software could be a major threat in the future. These threats are not too complicated to understand and even the common people an easily understand them. In fact, some of these issues can also be experienced practically by the common people and that is why they can easily understand the problems in depth.


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