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Why You Need a Good Power Bank for Your Mobile

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With the evolution of the advanced technologies in the present world, the smart phone becomes the essential thing for every person. In fact, people have used the different kinds of the apps on their mobile phones to get the features.  However, the apps in your mobile can drain the battery faster and so your battery may definitely come down at the end of the day. So, you may not use the phone at the emergency times and therefore, it is important to take any precautions to avoid this weird situation. For this purpose, the power banks are introduced in the market which is highly useful for the people to maintain their phone’s battery life without leading to the ‘Switch off’ mode. This is the main reason why most of the people show more interest in buying this wonderful gadget for their mobile phones.


About the power banks and its features

In actual, the power bank is the handy gadget that can help you charge your electric devices like smart phones, laptops, tablets and more without the power socket. In fact, each and every brand is now offering the power banks for their products. Of course, they may also compatible for some other devices too.

Generally, the power bank device can save power from the power socket and later it can be used to power the smart phones and the tablets.

Of course, these power banks are available in the variety of the sizes and shapes. In fact, each of one has the unique features to give the best benefits in charging your mobile phone.

Different types of power banks

The power banks that are used for your mobile phone are generally available in the variety of the types and each of one has the different features in maintaining your mobile phone’s power needs. In that manner, some of the power banks are listed as follows.

  • Universal power bank
  • Solar charged power bank
  • Old style battery phone case power bank

Here, the universal power bank is available in the market with the different sizes and the configurations.  You can adjust these configurations according to your phone’s requirements.

Then, the solar charged power bank is having the photovoltaic panel which can help to trickle charge its internal battery when it is placed in the sun light. However, it is not offering you the highest speed and so you have to patient with this type.

Finally, the old style phone case power bank is available handy, but it is not compatible with the vast number of the devices.

How to charge the power bank?

To charge your power bank, you have to follow some important things and they are given as below.

Basically, every type of the power bank may have dedicated input socket which is useful for receiving the power. Of course, this power can come from the USB socket on your personal computer and it is faster than the wall socket.

Of course, the power banks can also use the same socket for input and also the output. So, it is better to read the instructions before you use the particular socket.

Based on the capacity of the power bank and its charging level, it may take some time to fill up.  These kinds of the power banks have the LED light to indicate whether they reach the full capacity of power and give you the alert to unplug the socket, when it is full.

Tips to buy the best power banks

When you have decided to buy the power banks for your mobile usage, you just need to consider some essential factors.

In most of the cases, the Lithium–ion and Lithium-polymer are basic materials that are used for manufacturing the power banks. Of course, these are the perfect materials to store the power in the well effective way.

Power banks cannot able to transfer the entire capacity of the power to the mobile phone and so you have to estimate the loss while buying it. So, it is better to buy the power bank which has the rating of 90% in the industry standard.

As well as, you should also consider some other important things like capacity, number of output, output specifications and some other things while buying the best power banks.

Furthermore, it is better to choose the power bank which can have the long lasting feature. However, the duration of the power bank is always depended on the number of times you have charged the power bank and how long it can retain power when it is not in use.

As the way, you have to consider all these things when you have decided to buy the power bank for maintaining your mobile phone’s battery life.


  1. Devendra Saini Reply

    awesome post !

    Powerbanks are the future .. i have 2 with me !

  2. Viral Sumo Reply

    I have read and written many reviews of power banks and think this is a great article !
    The power bank industry is booming and we are going to see really big demand in nearest future

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