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Windows 10 Might blocks your pirated Games and other software.

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If you are using windows 10 or recently upgraded to it than probably you have to be concerned about running games and other software in your PC. After a month of this new operating system window 10 has been stirring up one privacy related controversy after another. This new OS has the capability to disable your pirated games and unauthorized hardware from your PC.

The Redmond-based software mammoth has updated its European License Agreement ToC (first spotted by PC Authority) to note that it will not tolerate counterfeit games or hardware on any Windows 10-powered machine.

Microsoft “may automatically check your version of the software and download software update or configuration changes, including those that prevent you from accessing the Services, playing counterfeit games, or using unauthorized hardware peripheral devices,” the 7(b) clause of the revised EULA reads.

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While the intuition is not clear yet about these steps. However Microsoft has taken strict action against usage of pirated games and software. When contacted for details, a Microsoft spokesperson offered nothing more than a boilerplate statement.

We take claims of intellectual property infringement seriously and review them in accordance with our standard procedures. We also continue to review the content of our Windows Store periodically as described in this post, as we work to deliver a great customer experience and provide fair and transparent developer policies and enforcement.

It is for now unclear that what is the technique they are using to detect pirated games and other software in a PC. But After the launching of windows 10 it has been criticized by lots of people and experts about the privacy concerns with this new operating system. Microsoft still spills user information to internet while you have privacy protection enabled.

So, when you using windows 10 make sure that you have reviewed your privacy settings. Let me know what is your opinion on this move of Microsoft and did any one of you have face this type of issues by running windows 10. Drop a comment below to share your thoughts and opinions.

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