WordPress Maintenance: 50+ Tasks To Get You Started

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If your website is WordPress powered, then you already know of the many benefits that it provides. From WordPress plugins and themes to content, SEO and social media functionality, WordPress is the most-efficient content management systems! However, even the best of CMS can under-perform if it is not optimized and maintenance periodically. Here to WordPress tops the list compared to other CMS as it makes it easy to maintain and update your website. As such, let’s look at the top WordPress website maintenance tasks that you need to get started with.

WordPress Maintenance Tasks To Get You Started

  • Monitor Website Security: A website that isn’t properly maintained is an open field for malware, spam and hack attempts. It can lead to data loss and data theft, which can have a negative effect on your brand’s credibility. Thus, monitoring your site’s security should be a regular task on your website maintenance checklist as it will help you to rectify security issues and loopholes before it causes major problems.
  • Update WordPress Themes & Plugins: If you have downloaded various WordPress themes and plugins on your website, then you need to keep them up-to-date to avoid security issues and to keep your website optimised. Another tip is to delete unwanted themes/plugins, as this will help you to speed up your WordPress website.
  • Take Website Backup: In the event of a security breach or data loss, backups will enable you to get your site up and running in no time which will ensure that there is no revenue loss. Therefore, taking daily website backup is essential, which can be done easily through the various WordPress backup plugins like BackWPup or UpdraftPlus.
  • Check Website Speed: Poor website speed affects not only your site’s traffic but also hampers your site’s rankings. One of the reasons for slow website speed and load time is unoptimized/unmaintained website. As such, check your website speed on GTmetrix, which will analyze your page’s speed and offer suggestions on how to fix issues for faster performance.
  • Identify and Fix Broken Links: If your website is experiencing a high bounce rate, then one of the reasons for it might be broken links. Another reason could also be site speed. If the reason is broken links, then you need to identify and fix them post-haste to improve user experience and reduce bounce rate. Also, by fixing broken links, you’ll enable search engine robots to index your website effectively.
  • Update Content and Optimize Images: While updating older content on your website will bring in more traffic and ranking, by optimizing images, you will be able to improve search engine indexing which will help boost your SEO campaign and increase brand visibility.

For a complete list of website maintenance tasks look at the infographic below and make the most of it. Also, for further details, refer to this comprehensive WordPress maintenance guide.

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WordPress Maintenance Tasks To Get You Started

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