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Yahoo Mail to Outlook 2016 – 2 Techniques Explained in Steps

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Learn in the easiest way to move Yahoo mail to Outlook 2016 with the help of this tech-guide. Simple methods are explained here for making the procedure convenient for non-technical users as well. Go through the methods carefully for a productive result.

Users from the modern era use more than one email service to manage their personal and professional work purposes separately.

Various email services such as Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, etc. are used by people for the same but it should be noted that every email client is different in its own way.

Hence, situations where users are looking for exporting Yahoo mail to Outlook or other email clients occur.

Today, we will be discussing this situation for moving to Outlook email client.

We know that MS Outlook application as the function where five different email services can be configured at once. With the help of this feature, even if you have an account configured with Outlook, there will be no problems faced while configuring Yahoo with it.

Keeping this info in mind, we have listed the possible methods for migration in the upcoming section.

What Are the Methods for Importing Yahoo Mail to Outlook 2016?

As mentioned above, configuration is a method to export the data to Outlook application. This is a relatively lengthy procedure which requires a certain level of technical expertise to be performed.

If you lack in the technical arena, use the Yahoo Backup Tool for a quick backup of the data to your local storage device.

This is a two-step procedure yet so much easier than the manual method.

Once the data is downloaded, you can export an Outlook data file from the Outlook application containing all the data.

Technique #1 – Exporting Yahoo Mail to Outlook Via Configuration

  1. Enter the credentials to sing in to Yahoo mail account.
  2. Go to the Menu option and click on the Account Info
  3. From there, go to the Account Security section to turn the Allows apps that use less secure sign-in option on.

Note: If you have enabled 2-step verification, this option will not be available. So, create an app password before moving to the next step.

Now, follow the steps for configuration:

  1. Launch Outlook on your desktop and click on the File section to migrate Yahoo mail to Outlook 2016.
  2. Go to Info and choose the Add Account option from there.
  3. After that, mark the Manual Setup or Additional Server Types radio button and hit Next.
  4. In this step, you have to choose POP or IMAP radio button and click on the Next
  5. Enter the User Information, Server Information, Logon Information and hit the More Settings
  6. Here, choose the Outgoing Server tab and check the My Outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication
  7. Move to the Advanced tab in the same window for exporting Yahoo mail to Outlook. Enter the Incoming Server (IMAP) as 993 & Encrypted Connection as SSL, Outgoing Server (SMTP) as 465 & Encrypted Connection as SSL again.
  8. Hit OK and the configuration will start.
  9. After completing the procedure, just click on the Close
  10. When the configuration completes, hit Finish and restart Outlook.
  11. Hit the Send/Receive all Folder option and the synchronization will begin.

This procedure is rather difficult to understand considering the complexity of the steps.

For a simpler approach, go to the next method.

Technique 2 – Simple Method for Moving Yahoo Mail to Outlook 2016

In this procedure, there are two simple stages that need to be followed in order to complete the procedure.

Download the data from your Yahoo mail account with the help of the software mentioned above. Other than Outlook data format, you can export the data in EML, MSG, PDF, & MBOX formats.

Also, there is a Date-filter option for selectively migrating data and Delete after Download feature to delete the data from the mailboxes after saving it.

Now, to the steps.

Step 1 – Export Data from Yahoo Mail to Local Storage

  1. Run the tool for exporting Yahoo mail to Outlook and enter the credentials for your Yahoo account to Login.

Export Data from Yahoo Mail to Outlook

  1. Select the PST format from the Select E-mail Format section and hit the Browse button to set the destination location.

Select the PST format from the Select E-mail Format section

  1. Go to the Delete after Download button to remove the exported data from the mailbox after the procedure. Hit Yes when prompted.

Delete after Download button to remove the exported data

  1. Set the dates in the Date-Filter by clicking on the Apply Filter option and select the folders to export data from.

Set the dates in the Date-Filter

  1. Now, hit the Start button to complete the procedure.

hit the Start button to complete the procedure

Step 2 – Import Download Data from Yahoo Mail to Outlook 2016

As soon as the data is exported to your local storage, go through the following steps to import the data:

  1. Open Outlook 2016 application and click on the File
  2. Go to the Open & Export option and choose Import/Export
  3. From the Import & Export Wizard, choose the Import from another program or file option and press the Next
  4. Here, choose the Outlook Data File (.pst) option and tap on Next.
  5. Navigate to the location of the stored exported files by clicking the Browse
  6. Complete the exporting Yahoo mail to Outlook procedure by choosing how to deal with the duplicates and hit Next.
  7. Choose the destination and mark the Include Subfolders option as well.
  8. Hit Finish to complete the process.

In the End

Many users of Yahoo mail or any other email client may need to migrate their data to another email client for n number of reasons.

Because of the multiple account configuration feature of Outlook, it is the most preferred email application for exporting data. This is why we have explained the methods to move Yahoo mail to Outlook 2016.

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