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5 Lucrative Tech Side Hustles You Can Try In 2021

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5 Lucrative Tech Side Hustles You Can Try In 2021

Making money has always been a motivation for many who pursue side hustles. A few hundred dollars extra pouring in never hurts, and for some, they can be a means to live better. You can save them in an emergency fund, splurge on luxuries, and even plan a holiday after a few months of hard work. The best part is that you need not go out, working in local stores, or slogging through weekends.

Earning big money is possible even from home if you have some technical skills, a lot of motivation, and flair for using them smartly. You may even consider embracing these as a full-time business if you end up losing your job in a crisis. Here are some tech side hustles you can try in 2021.

Web design and development

Almost every business is investing in a web presence these days, as virtual selling is more important than retail selling. While some brands are starting from scratch, others are looking to revamp their websites for a new look and feel in the New Year. If you have web design and development skills, you can easily make thousands. Brands are keen to hire freelancers rather than agencies, which means that there is plenty of demand in this domain.

Digital marketing

As websites are becoming imperative for brands, they also need to collaborate with experts who can enhance the visibility of these sites. Using your digital marketing skills is a good idea if you are serious about pursuing a side hustle in 2021. There are many options that marketers can explore, depending on their skill sets. You can sell services for search engine optimization, pay-per-click marketing, social media marketing, copy-writing, and more.


If your motivation goes beyond only making money and you want fame as well, starting a blog is a good idea. You can pick a niche of your choice and post engaging content regularly to add more followers. The initiative requires much effort at the initial stages, but you can start making money with Google AdSense eventually. Once your blog gets recognition, you can earn more as a niche influencer.

Online gaming

A must-try tech side hustle in 2021 is online gaming as it keeps you entertained even as you pocket some dollars. Gaming has, in fact, played a crucial role in helping people stay sane and sustain during the pandemic. There is a host of money-making games you can try on the internet. Checking out an Online Casino is a great idea if you don’t have serious gaming skills but want to try your luck. Some gaming companies even pay you for testing their new releases.

Remote tech support

Another tech skill that can help you make thousands with a side hustle is IT support. As organizations, big and small, move to a remote working model in the pandemic era, they are looking to outsource services for their IT needs. You can provide a range of services during the free hours, from cybersecurity to troubleshooting support, IT consulting, and more. This side hustle has a huge potential, and you can even capitalize on the opportunity to start up a new business.

When it comes to side hustles, 2020 looks like a year of opportunities. If you are lucky enough to have some tech skills, you can easily get started!

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