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SEO vs. PPC – The Showdown

SEO vs. PPC The Showdown

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website in an unpaid search result—mostly called natural or earned results. PPC, on the other hand, stands for pay per click which refers to the process in which the advertisers pay a fee for every time …

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Top 6 Freemium Rank Checking Tools

Freemium Rank Checking Tools

The best way to confirm whether your SEO campaigns are making any progress is to confirm your ranking in the search engine.  You could be putting in a lot of effort but gaining very little in terms of SEO ranking. There comes a time when you need to change your …

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2 Major Content Marketing Trends that will Reshape SEO

Content Marketing Trends

Content marketing will be of great use to SEO in 2017 as businesses are becoming more and more interested in the creation of content. Its distribution has also significantly increased. All the industries that rely on content marketing including SEO are, therefore, going to benefit from it. Since both are …

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How Does Google’s Search Algorithm Work


One of the most difficult parts of understanding SEO is keeping up with Google’s search algorithm. This is just one reason why using a website like SEOjury makes sense. It is our job to know SEO and understand the changes being made, unlike those who do part-time SEO for their …

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How to Find Your Target Audience Using Google Trends Tool


Finding the target audience is one of the most important jobs that needs to be done for better response and traffic. Various digital marketing techniques help one in targeting audience of a specific region, in a specific country by understanding their interests and choice. Search Engine Optimization is one such …

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Voice Search: Its Impact on SEO in 2017


Voice search has been increasing day-by-day and it has attained the level of billion from zero. Be it Siri, Google Now or Cortana, every OS has introduced its voice command platform for its users to offer them ease of accessibility. It is not only about the service providers who are …

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