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ipad pro

The technology is moving us, and we are just getting over reliable on it. One of the most common examples of our over-reliance on the technology is the excessive use of smartphones and tablets in which we use the apps for almost all the things that we do in our …

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Xiaomi Redmi 4a: Yet another Profitable Deal


Though, established in 2010, Xiaomi is no more an amateur in the technology industry. With its innovative gadgets at affordable prices, the company is becoming one of the leading brands in Asia and is soon ready to take its flight in the global technology market. This year, Xiaomi is ready …

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Top Smartphones to watch out in 2017


If we summarize all the technological development of the 21st century in one word, “smartphone” is ideal to describe all the progress of the world in technology. Smartphones, either the iOS one or android, are making this world crazy. Half of the world is waiting for the new iPhone model, …

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