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7 Technological Breakthroughs You’ll Live To See in 2025!

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 Technological Breakthroughs

Technology is changing our lives. The digital edge has changed the way we do things in the past years. Today, we have the fastest cars, high-end gadgets and cozy smart homes. The medical science has the treatments of many obscure diseases that were considered incurable in the past. Convenience in terms of commuting, communication, and learning etc. are all at our disposal now.

In this piece we will see some more ways the technology will be impacting us in the days to come, provided we are alive by 2025 (didn’t mean to scare ya, though, it’s not like zombie apocalypse is hitting us anytime soon).

1.  Cure For Dementia

Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease will be addressed by furthering research and understanding in the field of the human genome and genetic mutations. The probability to predict and prevent diseases from happening or early diagnosis of them will change the world completely.

Scientists can now identify problematic DNAs and resultantly can prepare to combat individual’s declining mental health. Type-1 Diabetes is another disease that can be prevented through human genome engineering. Doctors/scientists will be better able to alter RNA and DNA sequences that are responsible for passing on the disease.

2.  Solar Energy Will Be Prevalent

In 2025, we will be able to harness and store solar energy in a more efficient manner. How? By employing solar photovoltaic energy which will keep buildings and water warm that in turn will power devices both at home and office (of course through solar panels)

3.  No Shortage of Food

By using lighting and imaging technology, you can combat issues emancipating from traditional farming. Genetically-modified crops will be the talk of the day since they could be grown in-house or indoors. Remember The Martian – Matt Damon and how he grew potatoes on Mars in his spaceship (Darn I never knew I would ever quote this example, but here I am.)

Therefore, less worrying for environmental factors such as fighting pests and so on which will automatically ensure a more stable-priced food items at grocery stores. Ain’t that something now?

4.  We’d Be All Digitally Connected

Yup, we heard it before how the world has become a global village. But this time it will essentially become a global village. Wireless coms will connect our cars, homes, appliances and you name it (if it’s not connected yet wait till 2025). How? By means of hyper-connectivity, we’d be able to save energy and channel this through electrodes that would eventually make it possible.

5.  Biodegradable Packaging

It is said that packing will be done from cellulose materials which may appear as plastic to the naked eye. But in reality, it would be a plant extract which is biodegradable. Yeah, read that again. Since biodegradable packaging is eco-friendly, you can shop at grocery stores. As much as you like knowing, you’re adding to the green environment.

6.  Safer & Healthier Drugs Will Be Available

Drugs that were once used to cure cancer are currently toxic in nature. The side effects are unspeakable. By 2025, it is expected that these drugs will be modified in such a manner that reduced side effects to zero level. So there will be no toxic effects of using such a treatment.

The technology is causing drugs to combine with a very specific form of proteins and antibodies resulting in more tailored remedial measures for treating cancer cells.

7.  DNA mapping

Advanced knowledge of gene mutation is going to be at an all-time high in 2025 and that’s for sure as it is now revealed that we will be able to create DNA maps at birth to manage disease risk. Can you comprehend its implications? OK, process it for a bit, no? Well, it’s possible with nanotechnology and Big Data technology.

Theoretically speaking, the single-cell analysis will lead to the replacement of blood tests as the precise method of determining diseases. Mind = Blown!

I can’t wait for 2025 and I’m told there is a thing called ‘God Particle’ (not Pym particle) which is being experimented upon with the hopes of converting teleportation into a reality. I certainly would want to teleport, wouldn’t you? I hope to God it’s in its testing phase.


Author Bio: Rayanne Dany has been associated with the profession of computer science for more than a decade now. She is well-versed in nanotech and blogs to educate her audience on the developments in science, technology and medicine. She is also a part-time assignment writer and provides her assignment assistance to guide students in writing an assignment.

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