Best Free Dictation Software To Convert Speech To Text

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Converting text to speech or speech to text is an important function that enhances a business’ productivity. Converting speech to text, a business is able to archive documents for future reference easily, saving more time for other tasks. Major areas that can benefit in converting text to speech and speech to text are;

Customers’ Feedback

Transcribing customers’ feedback will help while analyzing data to determine customers’ satisfaction. Each business should put their customers’ needs at the highest priority to ensure the business is sustainable.


Meetings are daily interactions in the workplace. This is where people meet to brainstorm ideas that will help the business to grow and perform better. However, most discussions are not recorded in writing during a meeting. Diction software and recorders help to capture audio during meetings, and help to convert audio to text afterwards.

HR Practices

The Human Resources administrators are involved in many interviews, recruiting calls, record keeping, report writing, and claims, just to mention a few. This involves a lot of employee to employee communication as well as paperwork. HR Practitioners can take advantage of the diction software to convert text to audio or audio to text, fast, accurately and in a confidential manner in order to streamline important business procedures in the organization.


Today’s technological advancements has allowed transcription services to be more accessible and accurate. One of the best free dictation software convert speech to text is EasySpeech2Text. It is a simple speech recognition software that is used to convert speech and voice into plain text and convert text to audio file. EasySpeech2Text is a software that each business should have to increase productivity and improve efficiency. It is powered with Google and other TTS/STT technology. This means the software is able to process over 100 languages in the process of converting speech to text or text to speech.

Simple steps to convert speech to text

For a seamless and easy process of converting speech to text, follow the simple steps outlined below. The most basic step is to download and install EasySpeech2Text software in your device. This software is free of charge.

  • Step 1: Add the Mp3 file

Since you have already installed the app, launch the application and open the interface. Choose your MP3 file that you desire to convert from audio to text and upload it on the EasySpeech2Text application.

  • Step 2: Click on convert

Once you have uploaded your file, the next simple step is to click on covert button. This will automatically begin the process of converting the mp3 audio file to text. To find the text, go to the program interface window and click on text field.

Steps to convert text to speech

To convert text into an MP3 file, follow the easy steps below;

  • Step 1: Launch the program

After launching the program, click on switch TextToMp3 button on the main interface window.

  • Step 2: Copy and paste the text

Copy the text that you want to convert to mp3 file and paste it in the interface.

  • Step 3: Click on play

After pasting the text, click on the play button to start the process of converting text to audio. Interestingly, you get to choose from four different types of voice options while converting the text.

Benefits of using EasySpeech2Text

  1. Fast and error free

The process of converting text to audio or audio to text is a tedious process that requires a good amount of time dedicated to it. This is not to mention the many chances of making errors and mistakes. EasySpeech2Text, however, makes it easy to convert text to audio and audio to text very fast by following simple steps. It also guarantees very minimal chances of making errors.

  1. Automatic Process

EasySpeech2Text allows you to convert mp3 to text and or text to mp3 through an automatic process. All you need to do is to follow simple guidelines. In addition, the program is powered with Google and other TTS/STT technology which means it is able to process over 100 languages.

  1. Boosts productivity

EasySpeech2Text allows you to convert data very fast. This leaves you a good amount of time that you can dedicate to other tasks in the business. is a software that allows one to type with their voice. This means you dictate what you want to write. Using, you can transcribe popular languages such as English, add punctuation marks, new paragraphs, smileys and other special characters with voice commands. uses Google Speech Recognition to transcribe and edit your spoken words into text.

Steps to using

  1. Go to You do not need to download anything to use this program.
  2. Click on start button. The computer will listen and translate your words into text.
  3. Read through to edit the text
  4. When you are done, you can;
  • Copy and paste the document
  • Save the document in your computer
  • Export to drop box
  • Send to your email

With simple steps, you can save time, increase accuracy and precision in your work and increase productivity as you convert audio into text or text into audio.

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