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Distinct apps which promotes the progress of any business

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People are bonded with apps which are available for any use in all places possible. Apps are a contributing factor towards the progress of an enterprise. Apart from helping entrepreneurs to boost their revenue, they are also implemented to promote small yet important changes which could benefit the brands. Prior to designing an app, the designer has to focus on the aspect of the development of an app and its unique traits. Irrespective of the use, the app must satisfy its audience. Distinct features must be implemented in the app to differentiate it from the other counterparts.


Enterprise apps must also focus on time management of its entrepreneurs, in order to enhance their functionality. The reason being time management has become tough to implement on any businessperson.

They should be integrated with a proper environment where they can organize their schedules. It is followed by attributes related to efficiency, storage, mobility etc. Integrating all these aspects into a super app can benefit the businessperson.

Apps pertaining to aiding both the entrepreneurs who are taking their first step into the business as well as the skilled experts are discussed.


This app is best for storing data in a cloud platform securely. It finds its use for entrepreneurs who have a habit of carrying out things in a rush and don’t possess the storage space to save their important documents into their device.

Dropbox as mentioned earlier stores the valuable information in a cloud and provides access to it from anyplace. The app is very robustly incorporated with security and it allows users to store and share huge amounts of information and data.It trains the users and admins with respect to the functionality of the app and enhances network control as well.


This is also a well-known and apt app, whose functionality falls on the aspect of making notes. It helps the users to jot down notes and ideas in the form of a scribbling pad which the users can make use to brainstorm any new proposal or make use of at a later time. The app makes finding very simple and it is structured properly.


At present, users possess many apps and account/ profiles in their mobile device or desktop computers, which feature the aspect of incorporating passwords. If the same password is used to access all the accounts, then the user is at a risk of the data being exposed to malicious intruders. Hence, it is suitable to have many different passwords for different features. However, it is an ardent task to remember all the passwords. Help to this crisis comes in the form of an app called Lastpass which incorporates new approaches in order for the users to recollect the various passwords. Primarily a free app, the premium version is valued at 12 $.


This app leads in the aspect of time tracking where it has got good reviews in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Time tracking can be done on an hourly basis as well and this is initiated by a simple click of the “play” button which initiates the app to mesh data into the user’s device without manual consent.

The data does not feature the aspect to be exported and it is accessible on the official website of Yast.

The latest activities feature the last 5 projects. Users can manipulate the projects and track them coincidentally without any hindrance. The app structures the project so that it is comprehensible to the user


This app has a distinct method to share posts related to the latest data. It finds its use among entrepreneurs to store all the chief and enthralling data to their devices in a single click. The data can be anything like a video, audio, or an article having speeches. Further, syncing the user’s device with any OS is done automatically and the articles can be saved when offline as well


This app to a good extent, guides entrepreneurs, specifically those who are operating a small enterprise. It is well known for its professional and instantaneous invoices. It also, in addition, helps in time tracking and monitoring the costs incurred in the brand.


This app helps users to refine and edit the basic thoughts which originate in the user’s mind into clear and precise proposals. This is mainly used by enterprises who want novel and revolutionary proposals.


This app is intended to go paperless and its main focus is on assimilating signatures pertaining to any transactions and conveying them virtually. A lot of time is preserved when compared to the traditional aspect of using faxes.


Both the iOS and Android play stores are overwhelmed with many apps which feature an unique purpose and are used to provide services for a given industry. These apps aforementioned are few of the best apps, which businesspeople must embrace to profit a lot by using them.

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Pyramidion Solutions , a paramount mobile app development company in chennai , India designs beautiful and captivating apps with customer satisfaction being the number one priority. It has developed many apps which have been critically and commercially accepted by customers. This Chennai based app development brand has ventured into several platforms namely iOS and Android to provide apps which are both interactive and useful for its end-users. It integrates the latest technological advancements and tools with the exhaustive experience and skills of its amiable and passionate developers.

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