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EO mini the next-generation of EO water sterilizer

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EO mini

We are proud to present you the EO mini, the next-generation of EO water sterilizer that is no larger than the bottle of an energy shot. The mini is extremely light and portable, takes nothing more than tap water to generate powerful sterilizing hypochlorous acid. With ultrasonic atomizer, it can spray sterilizing EO water automatically for up to 10 minutes. EO mini will replace all your disposable sanitizers and save their plastic bottles from being disposed.

EO mini can remove virus, bacteria and odor from your items and surrounding, including your mobile phone, bag, children toys or any other item quickly without effort. The hypochlorous acid solution generated from salt and tap water is highly effective at removing harmful substances it contacts. If you switch it on to spray into the air, it can even neutralize air pollution particles around you, cleaning and refreshing the air.

Being no longer than a lipstick, you can fit EO mini easily in your bag or pocket to carry around. Compared to disposable sanitizers, it can spray for longer, costs less on the long run and can be brought on board flights as it doesn’t include any flammable liquid. It is a must-have for anyone who is concerned about health and safety, or wishes to protect the environment by decreasing water bottles from being dumped.

EO mini is available for pre-order on Kickstarter now and funded more than 850% of its goal, starting from $35 (56% off MSRP) to a $65 flash sales that includes two EO mini with extra discount.

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