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Here is how to decode the Algorithm for the coming year

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Here is how to decode the Algorithm for the coming year

For making the impact online on the customers and social media users, social media algorithm are playing important role in this era. We know that it is hard to understand these social media algorithms but if we want to get the success, we will need to know more about these social media algorithms. This is how we can use them in our favor and not let it work against us.

There are the social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc., which are often sharing their updates about these algorithms that what they are prioritizing and it helps us understand these algorithms.

Facebook algorithm

Facebook is considered to be the biggest of all social networks and for our knowledge Facebook has shared that meaningful connections and interactions among the audience and marketers is the first priority for Facebook and for the Facebook pages of the brands and businesses. It means that Facebook is more focused to improve the quality of interaction among the audience and it focuses on the content that is been created on this platform.

This interaction is not only between the audience and the marketers, but also among the audience that are communicating with each other in the comment sections over a post. Facebook algorithm also notices that how many times the link of the post is being shared among the people on messenger. This helps in improving the engagement of the audience with the content shared by the business account or Facebook pages.

Twitter algorithm

For the Twitter users, it is easy to find out the Twitter algorithm is mostly based on categorizing the Tweets in different sections which can be seen through their Twitter accounts. The ranking of the Tweets make these sections in the Twitter like the section for the most recent tweet or the relevant tweets. Then you can see the relevant but old tweets that you missed and after that the remaining tweets are there. But in Twitter algorithm, you must consider the time. To improve the engagement and getting noticed can be possible if you are posting on time and regularly.

LinkedIn algorithm

Just like the Facebook and Twitter algorithms, there are some features of LinkedIn algorithms which are same. Apart from these features, the LinkedIn algorithm is based on the prioritization of the posts. It also depends on the native content that is being shared. Shares to fewer people first and sees the engagement of that audience, after that it is shared to more people. For this purpose they have a person to check the content and its response and then it is further shared to the wider audience.

Instagram algorithm

Just like LinkedIn algorithm, the post is first shown to a smaller audience and after that it is open up to a large group of followers in Instagram algorithm as well. It is also focused on the content categories through which the users interact with each other just like in Facebook algorithm.

Instagram Adds New ‘Countdown’ Sticker to Instagram Stories

A new countdown sticker has been added for the stories on Facebook, which displays a timer for a selected event. Matt Navarra who is a social media expert initially spotted the new options and the full credit is for a team from the later of the rundown for the new amazing functionality of the Instagram.

This could be seen here too that the countdown sticker would be now available to be added in the stories and it would be in the form of a sticker stray and you just have to select among all the stickers with the end date and also the countdown, the color of the sticker is also to be chosen. After all this customization, you can add the sticker to your story but here the key element is different.

Well, it functions simply, the user when presses the countdown sticker, he would then be given with an option so that he could set a reminder for where the countdown would be ended and another this is to share the countdown with their followers. You also need to learn about the platforms where the marketers are shifting their budgets towards in the year 2019 and then benchmark their social media struggles according to that simple.

This could be a great addition for the brands and now you also being an Instagram user could be able to set the reminders for the sale events and the upcoming products of your brands and thus would be able to maintain strong connections with your friends and also with your fans and thus you can help them in maintaining the awareness of important dates and times. Well, there are still several ways, which could be used for setting up the reminders for any upcoming twitter chats and the prompt users for the review of the settings, which would help your audience to stay on track with all the upcoming events, and there’d be a lot more options to take a look on.

This is another tool to add to your Instagram stories to have the marketing approach for Instagram Followers in upcoming 2019.

This countdown sticker feature addition in Instagram is really a great feature for the people who are always finding for new options. This is how you can add timers for the selected events and for any planning which you want to add you can. The countdown sticker has now been added to Instagram and you can enjoy it by updating your current version of Instagram. The function is somehow simple and easily usable for anyone who is using Instagram and you don’t need to separately download any sticker palates to be added in the story. All the stickers are easily added to your story with help of the sticker tray with an option of customization.

This is the best way to customize your Instagram stories with help of the stickers you like matching them to the photos, which you want to update on your stories.

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