How Spy Apps Work

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Spyware is one of the greatest inventions of man in the field of technology. They are meant for the security and safety of your loved ones and the prosperity and protection of your business and the work place. It enables you to keep an eye on all that is happening to those connected to you.


For Parents: It’s unable to truly learn that how it feels when you are worried unless you have loved ones with you. To keep them safe and to make sure their security and prosperity, spy app is a wonderful solution.

For Employers: When it comes to the employment and the management of the employees, to retain a healthy environment of employment, the simple retention rules go flop. All that heaves in this situation is a spy app that takes you through all the curves nicely and smoothly.

For Your Data: Spy apps are a good solution to give you a handful of control over all the data, wherever it is placed and it let you reach that without any hindrance.

Stolen phones: If you get your phone stolen, so don’t worry; spy app is there for you to bring it back. The spy app notifies the domain server that where the phone has been taken and which SIM card is being used in it which is an enough detail to get your device tracked.


After you have subscribed the application, you get the source for the installation over your device. The list of compatible devices and OS is provided by the developers. After getting everything matched and selected, the app is downloaded and installed over the device. User manuals and instructions are provided along for the proper usage of the app. Once the device is installed you provide your username and password (as per the design) and start monitoring the person you wish to do.


The usage of spyware is by no means illegal. It’s totally legal, but a certain sets of legality for the proper usage are to be followed.

Before the app is installed over the device, a free and fair consent is provided by the user to the developers that the app would not be used for any immoral and unethical act. The app would only be used for the sake of safety, security, protection and vigilance.

However, as the rules and regulation vary according to the countries, so there are a number of regions where the person who is watched, is to be notified and his consent is equally required.

The usage of app is not provided to the person who doesn’t provide the proper consent and doesn’t make sure that the app will only be used for the permitted uses.


Once all the subscription, downloading, installation and the consent is provided, the app becomes usable for the user. The user will have to login and all comes to his dashboard, all the features and services available to him.

The telephone number which is to be monitored is entered here at this spot, while, some apps go along the cell phone EMEI case which enables the user to screen each and every thing either if the sim card is removed or replaced from the phone.

The user has complete control over the vigilance and to monitor all that is happening to the target. Either it’s a phone call, a text message, an instant message, a feed over any social media network or anything inside the phone that can be easily accessed without any sort of blockade.

While, if the device is turned off, on which the app is installed, the surveillance continues as the backend servers keep on monitoring the activities and upload it to the device when it is turned back again.

Tech and Support:

Spyware apps are quite easy to understand and use but still there remains a room for ambiguity. Along with that there is even space for the purchase of more subscription and more features. To cater all this Tech and Support department plays a vital role in the working of a spy app.

Tech and Support department at TheOneSpy works 24/7 and even provides a physical address, telephone numbers, E-mail addresses and are constantly available over the social media networks to answer the questions of the visitors and the customers.

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Humera Aslam, a blogger by profession, an author significantly contributes towards mobile security, working for Semiapy. If you want to know more about her you can follow her on twitter @humeraaslam27

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