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Do you like to drink your coffee in the morning to wake up? In the day to concentrate? In the afternoon for a coffee break with colleagues or friends?. But for that, you have to be equipped, at home and at work. The purchase of an espresso coffee machine is not done lightly. Today, espresso coffee machines are in the tens. A percolator, pod, grain, red, black or gray, for one or two cups, compact or on the contrary imposing, cheap or high-end, the coffee machine is available in so many models that choose his machine espresso coffee is not easy.

So how to choose your coffee espresso machine? We will answer this question so that you make the best choice. The COFFEELIFIOUS team will also give you some tips. If you have a technical question and would like to have information on a type of espresso machine, do not hesitate to ask us.

What Type Of Coffee Machine?

This is the first choice you have to make before you go in search of your espresso machine. There are many types of coffee makers today, with multiple companies similar to Iron and Fire stocking the most popular ones. Here are some explanations on the main coffee machines:

A Coffee Ready In Record Time?

If you are more like a hurry in the morning or if you do not like waiting in front of your espresso machine, you will have to look closely at this criterion. It is necessary that the temperature of heating is thus fast. This depends on the power of the espresso machine. The more important it is, the faster your espresso machine will be ready.

This type of information is always or almost always indicated by the manufacturer. We indicate it anyway in all our complete opinions.

For A Small Or Large Consumption Of Coffee?

You must also choose your espresso machine according to your habits. If you only drink coffee from time to time, a pod coffee maker that you can get some private label single coffee pods for may be suitable. If you drink from morning to evening, however, you may prefer a coffee machine that can provide a cup of coffee that tastes like a barista-made cup from a cafe.

A Nozzle Or Not?

Most, but not all, have a steam nozzle. This is essential if you want to make other drinks than coffee. For example, a steam nozzle will be useful for making a cappuccino with a creamy foam. The nozzle can also be used for chocolate drinks or for making tea.

1 Or 2 Cups?

Pay attention to this criterion because not all espresso coffeemakers can make 2 cups. So look carefully at the features of your future coffee machine so you will not be disappointed when you unpack your box.

The Capacity Of The Water Tank

If you drink a lot of coffee or if you often receive your friends for a coffee break, we advise you to choose an espresso coffee machine with a large water tank. This will save you from filling it often. Remember to see if it is removable for a filling of the simplest.

Maintenance And Cleaning

Most modern coffee machines offer automatic cleaning. It’s ultra-convenient and extends the life of your device. This is not a gadget but rather an option that saves you time on the cleaning part of your espresso machine.

An Adjustable Cup Rest

Do you have cups of all sizes? Do you use cups and mugs? So check that the cup rest is adjustable so that you can use any cup size or mug.

The Simplicity Of Use

It must be recognized that some espresso coffeemakers are more complex to use. So how to have this information? You can read user reviews on any particular coffee machine. If it is really complex to use, it will be indicated by the users.

The Settings

The more settings, the more your coffee will be closer to your preferences. If you want to have it exactly the way you like it, we advise you to choose your espresso machine with the temperature setting, the molding or the amount of water. You will have either a tight or long coffee, full-bodied or light. This type of setting is also convenient because it allows the whole family to use the espresso machine since it will meet all preferences.

Our Advice For Choosing Your Espresso Coffee Machine
You now have all the keys in hand to choose your espresso machine. We advise you to take your time and look at all the features of the ones you prefer. Compare before making your choice. Be careful not to buy a cheap coffee machine because this type of equipment has a short life without talking about the taste of coffee that will not really present.

How To Choose Your Espresso Machine

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    Cant really enter my office without a cup of coffee, that addictive it is for me
    really need a coffee maker now..thanks for the wonderful article 😉
    cheers (with coffee)

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