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How to Ensure Proper Cleaning of Your Electronics

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How to Ensure Proper Cleaning of Your Electronics

The average Australian household has at least seventeen electronic devices and is growing. These are only the ones that are connected. Many are not connected to the internet yet. With so many devices, you have to make sure that they are spick-and-span to function optimally.

Cleaning electronic devices can be a daunting task, given the number of crevices and delicate parts. It is, however, essential if you want the device to run smoothly. This cleaning electronics 101 can be your savior when it comes to cleaning the nooks and crannies of your electric items. You can visit website to purchase these items.

Materials Required

A Cloth or cotton swab and cleaning alcohol are the things you need. You would think you need a laundry list of supplies, but you don’t. These are the only two items you need, but picking the right quality is critical.

The cloth or cotton swab that you use should be lint-free. It should not leave any fibers behind. Picking the right alcohol solution can be tricky. You can go for either ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol (IPA).

Ethyl Alcohol

Ethyl is inexpensive, free of minerals, and evaporates fast. It is not a strong solvent and makes the right choice for cleaning any corrosion or dirt. A note of caution, just about any ethanol will not work. You need ultra-pure ethanol to clean electronic items. One drawback is that it may leave traces of oil after evaporating. Oil build-up, in the long run, can cause malfunctions in delicate electronics.

Isopropyl Alcohol

The drawbacks of ethanol make isopropyl a choice of cleaning solutions when it comes to wiping down electric devices. It evaporates faster and does not leave any oil behind. The best part about IPA is that it does not have to be pure to be ready to use.

The regular lab variety is good enough to add sparkle to your circuit boards. You can visit website of a trusted chemical supplier to order IPA cleaning solutions.

Varieties of IPA

The varieties of IPA are simply the level of concentration of the chemical. 70% IPA means that it is a combination of 70% alcohol to 30% water. Depending on the surface you are cleaning, you may require varying concentrations of IPA. Also, the level of concentration depicts the time it takes for the surface to dry.

A 50% concentration will dry in about 30 minutes, while 99.8% will dry in only 3 minutes. The various grades available are ACS / reagent grade, USP grade, NF grade, Laboratory-grade, Purified grade, and Technical grade.

Check for Compatibility

IPA is usually used to clean electronics such as Computer chips, Circuit boards, PC components, Fiber optics and connectors, Production equipment, Desktop Computers.

For laptop computers, DVD and CD lasers, and Control systems, the grade you need will depend on the cleaning component.


You can use cloth or cotton swabs to clean these items. IPA dipped wipes are also available and recommended as they don’t leave any fibers behind.

Electronics can collect dust over time and require regular cleaning to ensure optimal performance. All will work better from circuit boards to sound systems when they are relieved of the dust accumulated on them. This guide to cleaning electronic devices should make the daunting task easier. Visit website to order these cleaning supplies today.

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