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How to Make a Portable USB Mobile Charger using 9V Battery

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The use of Smartphones has increased considerably in this technology era. It has become part of our daily life. Many people are using Smartphone as a friend during travel. However, you may not find power supply points in buses and trains for charging your mobile. You can easily make a mobile charger for your Smartphone using a high power 9V battery. It would not put a dent in your wallet.

Let’s see how !

Items Required To Make A USB Mobile Charger

  •         9V Battery Attach
  •         9V Battery
  •         USB Female Port
  •         7805 IC (5Volts regulator)
  •         Soldering Iron
  •         Solder
  •         Two Coco-Cola bottle caps
  •         Glue
  •         LED
  •         470 Ohms, ¼ Watts Resistor

How to Make a Portable USB Battery Charger for your Smartphone?

You can make your own battery based USB portable charger for your mobile phone at home without spending all of your hard-earned money. The battery is connected to the USB connector to charge your mobile phone. Electronics knowledge is required to make a battery based portable USB charger for a Smartphone. However, all the necessary steps to make a charger are explained below:

You can buy the above-mentioned components and connectors, battery, soldering iron and other consumables from a nearby electronics store.


The middle pin of the 5V Voltage regulator IC (IC 7805) is a ground pin. You need to keep the voltage regulator on a paper with black projected part facing you. You need to connect the positive terminal of the battery to the extreme left pin (Positive terminal of the 7805 IC) and the negative terminal of the battery to the middle pin (negative terminal) of the 7805 IC using a soldering iron. The extreme left pin is the input pin of the 7805 IC. The middle pin is the ground pin and extreme right pin is the output of the regulator.

The input to the regulator is between 5V and 18V DC. The regulator gives an output of 4.8V to 5.2 V DC.

The battery provides 9V DC to the regulator and the regulator provides 5V DC output for charging your mobile.

The regulator takes a wide DC input between 5V and 18 VDC and provides a stable DC output of 5VDC for your mobile charging.

Now, you have got the basic details of the 5V Voltage regulator.


The USB connector has 4 pins (shown above). The first pin is the positive 5V DC and 4th Pin is the Ground. The middle two pins are Data + and Data -.

  •         You need to connect the middle pin of the 7805 Voltage regulator to the 4th Pin of the USB Connector and 3rd Pin of the 7805 IC to the first pin of the USB Connector.
  •         You can make a regular sized hole on the cap to fix the USB connector. You need to carefully insert the USB connector into the cap through the rectangular hole and fix it with glue.

LED  Resistor   battery attach


  •         You need to connect the positive terminal of the LED to one end of the resistor. You need to connect the other end of the resistor to first pin (input) of the 7805 IC and the negative terminal of the LED to middle pin (Ground) of the 7805 IC.  You need to make a small hole in the cap.  You can insert the LED into the cap and apply a small amount of glue.
  •         You can fix the battery attach on another cap surface using glue. You need to put the caps in opposite direction and close. You can connect the 9V battery to the battery attach and USB connector of the battery charger to the Smartphone. The Smartphone starts charging.

Therefore, making a USB charger for Smartphone using a 9V battery charger is very simple and easy. It is highly affordable.  

The LED is provided to indicate the health of the battery.

You can also make use of the USB connector available on your old computer chassis or use the modem for making a battery charger.

You are cautioned to check the polarities of the connectors and battery when connecting your battery charger for your mobile phone.


The small terminal on the battery is the positive terminal and bigger one is the negative terminal. The red terminal of the battery attach is the positive terminal and black terminal is the negative one.

You can also buy the components, soldering iron, solder, and female USB port from online stores at reduced rates.


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Why you need a Portable Mobile charger?

Today’s smartphones are feature rich. You can perform tasks like paying for insurance, electricity bill, and telephone bill online using your Smartphone while on the move. You can also make funds transfer online to buy groceries and other essentials at local Supermarkets and margin free stores. You can also use money wallets on your phone to pay for groceries, book flight tickets, train tickets, movie tickets, taxi etc. It makes your life simple.

You can also watch movies and videos during travel. It serves as an entertainment gadget too. You can also talk seamlessly with friends and family members. You can also make use of apps like Whatsapp and Skype for video chatting with your loved ones and friends. Therefore, Smartphone is highly useful for our daily tasks.

If your phone shows the battery is low, you need to recharge the phone immediately. How you can do charging your phone while on the move in a train if no power point is available for charging. Therefore, the battery mobile chargers are handy and serve the need. Many companies are cashing on this growing trend for portable charger. Why spend your hard earned money to buy a charger from the online store? You can easily make a portable battery USB phone charger at your home with the steps mentioned in this article. It is also safe and saves your money.

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