How To Start A Mobile App Development Business

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How To Start A Mobile App Development Business

Most people who come up with a plan of providing you their app improvement company, think that they will begin earning huge chunks of money for half of the work. While some may be able to pull that deal off, however a majority of those don’t. Before even entering the entrepreneurial arena, it is going to be super that chalking out an effective business plan and having in-depth knowledge of the way that cellular app development industry actually works.

Let us take a look at some of the main tips that will ensure and help you pave the way of your mobile app development business-

  • Sign Yourself Up as a Developer

First step is to gain access to both iOS app and Android app stores. This is because both of them are the top giants in the marketplace today, therefore it is important to sign up on these stores first. After completing the app, you will have to submit it to these app stores and they will review them before making them official. For your knowledge, the entire process of reviewing involves UI and app quality checking and many more. It is important for you to ensure there isn’t any kind of malware embedded in the app.

The moment your app is accepted by those app stores, it will be listed  and upon selling, you will get seventy percent of the sold share. Again, you have to sign up for Apple’s iOS developer program and for Android in its developers console with some fee.

  • Additional Responsibilities

Having your own business means much more flexibility with your time. But at the same time it also brings various other responsibilities that you have to attend to. It can better be fully understood by taking an example – If you have started a business solely then you will have to deal with various things in the process such as- testing the app, client interaction application testing etc.

Moreover, you will also have to take care of the matters that are related to app contracts and ownerships too. In case you have a decent spending budget, then you can easily hire an experienced iOS developer who will better be able to test the app and even design it. This will make your work easy and enable you to handle marketing tasks. In addition to this, you will also be able to take full advantage of the pooled capital manpower as well as resources.

  • Build Your Application

In case your budget is limited but a good knowledge of coding or programming altogether, then you can easily write the app. Let us take a look at a few great tools that will be able to help you build a feature rich app-

  • Appery – You may think of it as a bit complicated at first, but when you start using it things will start to get easier. It also has a free plan too which you can avail for 3 pages and a single user. When you are just starting, then 3 pages are enough.
  • Good Barber – This amazing tool has a month free trial and after that you can upgrade to their premium plan which is much cheaper. The best part about this tool is its phenomenal design elements as well as Google Fonts integration including a plethora of icons. Moreover, you can also find numerous online tutorials as well as webinars that are related to the tool.
  • Appy Pie – This tool is great and you will seriously like their free services if you let them run advertisements in your app. You will also be able to upgrade your ad free plan that is very cheap. Apple Pie also comes with a pre set app categories such as the banking, picture sharing, radio among others. They will also provide a wide array of functionalities such as push notifications, GPS and many more.
  • Gamesalad – If you are planning to create a mobile game then this tool is perfect for you. Most of the Android application development services providers have this tool. The free version of this tool consists of ads and their pro version removes them completely and makes in-app purchases available. If you want to earn money via in-app purchases, then this tool will help you add this feature in your game.
  • Test, Test & Retest – Before submitting your application to the app store, it will be a good idea that you test your app thoroughly. You can’t ignore this part and can take help of your friends to run the beta version to provide you insights about the app.

After successful testing of your app and by that we mean retesting it over, it will be time for you to submit it to the app stores. One you have submitted your app and after reviewing it will be fully available on that particular store. If your app scores high on the quality checks done by the developers, then you will also receive a welcome email that is related to the approval.

  • Marketing Your App

In order to enhance the number of downloads and installs, it is vital to promote your application using various marketing channels. Start with the word of mouth promotion techniques by asking your friends and colleagues or deploy social media ads and list your application on different pages. Doing so will help your app reach broader audiences.

Closing Thoughts

Has every app already been invented? Of course not. There are numerous applications that have yet to be created. Most of them have a common demand while some complex applications tend to introduce the best and new ideas. Going into this business is highly rewarding in the long run because it is getting easier to create software applications. In addition to that, new users tend to multiply, which continues to create more demand for apps. If you are still thinking about starting a  mobile app development company, then don’t and start implementing those ideas and you will surely create the best one that will boost your revenue and confidence.


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