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iPhone Original vs. The Future: What’s The Deal Apple?

by Team Techcolite
Published: Last Updated on 1 minutes read
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The smartphone industry (and the tech industry in general) is not as prim and proper as people would like to think, especially when it comes to business practices. A smartphone is slowly becoming more than a commodity; it is nearly a necessity, as people have come to expect your ownership of one.

Teachers, bosses, and even friends will look at you as if you are a technological retrograde if you do not own a smartphone, to the point that owning one isn’t necessarily optional. When a market has a captive audience like the one focused on smartphones, unethical business practices can easily be implemented.

It is for this reason that many customers wonder exactly how much money Apple is making off of their iPhones. It doesn’t help that Apple refuses to publish any official statements about their manufacturing costs, so we have to make do with approximations and neutral sales statistics from outside sources.

Luckily, the approximations for the price of an iPhone’s parts can be estimated, and the estimates are likely as close as makes no difference to the actual numbers. Today, with the help of an infographic from https://hebergement1.com, we are going to be going over just how much money Apple makes off of their iPhone sales.


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