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Mesosphere Announces Public Beta Access For Datacenter For Amazon And Microsoft

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In December 2014, Mesosphere introduced plans to unveil its data center. Produced by Apache Mesos, Mesosphere is a company that seeks to streamline the process between all components of a distributed system. With its Mesosphere Datacenter Operating System or DCOS, it may have done just that.

Mesosphere Data Center Operating System (DCOS) 

The public beta of the DCOS just went online in late April 2015. It uses Linux distribution and cooperates with other operating systems that you may use to connect to your cloud storage. With an easy-to-use Command Line Interface or CLI, both developers and information technology or IT professionals can take advantage of the visual dashboard for the easiest datacenter configuring yet.

Besides that, you also have the capability to create new programs for the datacenter as needed. Using API and Mesosphere’s own Software Developers Kit or SDK, you can make apps or use the ones provided by Linux. If you want to add Spark, Kubernetes, Kafka, Hadoop, YARN, or Cassandra to your datacenter, it only takes a few clicks.

Mesophere’s data center functions by using core system services and a distributed systems kernel courtesy of Apache Mesos. Only the best security measures protect the data center so that you can use fewer resources more effectively, never overload your servers, and make for a more productive workplace overall.


Installation is rather simple, and you can even customize the data center as needed to fit your own company’s needs. If this seems like too much too soon, then just use the Mesosphere version of the datacenter, which includes Apache Kafka, Apache YARN, Google Kubernetes, Apache Cassandra, Apache HDFS, Apache Spark, and Apache Hadoop right away.

As your developers become more comfortable with this datacenter, they can use the SDK and API to create convenient apps. With computer-like functioning, the ability to program your own apps is simple. You can also access CLI from just one computer but watch as your changes span the data center. This saves time, since you don’t have to go from computer to computer to install programs or apps.

Cloud Storage 

Cloud storage has become a popular means of saving data since you do not have to be tethered to your computer to take advantage of it. You can instead send a file from your smartphone to the cloud and a coworker at the office can read it if they have the right access. The Mesosphere data center runs on cloud storage big or small. You can set up the capacity and expand it as necessary over time. If you use Linux cloud storage like CentOS, RedHat, CoreOS, and Ubuntu, the Mesosphere cloud is compatible. It also works with non-Linux cloud storage like VMware, Google Compute Engine, vCloud Air, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, and Digital Ocean.

Many integral companies and brands have already used Apache Mesos, such as Apple’s beloved digital companion Siri, Netflix, Yelp, and Twitter. Mesosphere is the next step up. Some companies were allowed to try the Mesosphere DCOS for early access, but anyone can download the public beta today for Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Katrina is a computer savvy tech specializing in designing and manufacturing custom server racks with rack solutions.

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