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Recruitment Industry Sleepwalks Into an All-New Tech-Driven Industry

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Recruitment Industry Sleepwalks Into an All-New Tech-Driven Industry

This is something very tough to believe that around 2 decades back, smartphones and other hand-held devices were something that you could only expect to find in Hollywood movies. Currently almost 85% of the population in the US own a smartphone and this figure has seen a huge rise of 35% since the last 4 years. Smartphones have become so common these days that they have lost their excitement and interested air around them and now they’re nothing but a norm.

Nevertheless, technology is surprising as it makes our lives easier to lead. Very soon we won’t ever be able to realize how we did without it. With the invention of different recruitment software, hiring the best possible talent for your company has become effortless and simple. Social media, CRM and digital marketing have brought about a drastic change to the way in which the recruitment industry works.

The industry and how recruitment technology has cast its spell

Do you even remember those times when you were asked to get a print of your CV and also the covering letter which you had to staple together and hand it over to the HR of a company? With the age of internet, this is a thing of past. Internet has transformed the entire way of applying for jobs. You just have to upload your CV to the job portal and wait for them to call you!

This is good news for the applicants but not so good for the recruiters! Though it becomes simpler for the recruiters to promote their ads, yet at the same time it also means being crowded with thousands of applications and having to wade through numerous applications from both good and bad prospects. So, it’s all bad news for the recruiters!

This specific issue has opened up opportunities for new technologies like applicant tracking software which have begun to bridge the gap between recruiters and applicants. They usually create an aura which makes job hunting enjoyable and fun. So, what do you think is on the horizon for the hiring industry?

Video interviewing through ATS

Video interviewing is one of the most vital features in some of the top applicant tracking systems which have recently gained momentum. Through this, the recruiters can check the personality of the candidate and it can even be a thoughtful experience in being able to identify workforce diversity. This clearly implies that the entire process of hiring employees can be condensed and you won’t even require waiting for a week or a month to schedule an interview. Sitting online for a job interview eliminates the stress from both ends.

Virtual Reality offers exciting things for the hiring industry

Virtual Reality or VR has been extremely commercialized these days and it means exciting things for the recruitment industry. There are already many companies which use VR to put the potential candidates into different sorts of real-life situation thereby allowing themselves to choose candidates more effectively. In the near future, VR will show prospective employees how it is like working in that company, what the job entails and getting a live idea of the culture of the company. This will be of immense benefit both the applicants and the recruiters.

Artificial Intelligence and opportunities galore

Not only will the companies use hiring software but there are even possibilities that Artificial Intelligence will be taking over. No, this doesn’t mean that machines will take over all responsibilities or that applicant tracking systems will start taking tests, but it definitely means a lot for this industry. If a company wants another employee like Garry, the recruitment AI will use the information and details of Garry and find out candidates who are in many ways similar to him. AI also allows predictive analysis to predict where an employee can reach within the next 5 years.

All this that is mentioned above is nothing but the tip of the iceberg. With the rapid pace that technology is advancing and setting its impact on all industries, you never know where the recruitment industry will be in the next 25 years. Not only will recruiter software be upgraded with several other features, you may even find yourself working from Mars!

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Sam is a technical writer who loves to explore newly invented softwares over the time. Recently he found a very useful HR recruitment software that helps hiring the right candidates quickly and cost effectively. His works have been appreciated by blog community members many times.

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