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Show What Your Summoners War Skills Are Made of by Engaging in Guild Battles

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Show What Your Summoners War Skills Are Made of by Engaging in Guild Battles

The turn-based role-playing strategy game Summoners War is becoming more and more popular every day. Over 100 million players worldwide log into the Sky Arena found in-game on their iOS and Android devices to engage in the endless battles while they try to win more Mana Crystals. The mobile multiplayer game is a hit, and over the course of becoming a seasoned player different opportunities arise to play the game against other players in Guild Battles.

What is a Guild Battle?

A Guild Battle in Summoners War is a PvP battle where equivalently ranking guilds get matched in a course of monster battles that are one-on-one in weekly contests. These battles are akin to the Sky Arena battles. One player’s guild plays the offensive, attacking the other player’s guild while they try to deflect or defend themselves from attacks.

To win a battle, the attacker has to destroy the other team’s towers and bring their HP down to a certain point. The defensive player loses HP from their tower and the entire guild whenever they are incapable of defending themselves, but can win the Guild Battle by successfully defending themselves from rival attacks. The winning player earns Guild Points which can be used to purchase items and buildings in the Guild Shop. Having  Summoners war monster guide in your guild can help in winning against rivals in a Guild Battle.

How Declaring Battle Works

Every Sunday, the Guild Masters and Vice Guild Masters have to register their guild to partake in that week’s Guild Battles. During the registration for the weekly Guild Battle, there are 10-25 guild members assigned to be on the defensive team but only if they have a defensive team of monsters. The Guild Battle period lasts until 10 PM PST the following Saturday.

During the week, only the Guild or Vice Guild Master can declare battle. The guild is matched with a random yet similarly ranked guild that they attack. They can only bring the number of offensive players as the defensive team. Each guild is only allowed a single chance to declare a guild battle every twelve hours after Monday begins. If the chance isn’t used, the guild can accumulate up to 6 chances to attack, but if they use their attacks throughout the week, a guild can have up to 12 chances a week to attack.

Individual Battle – PvP

During the week of guild battles, each individual member of the offensive guild is given 3 chances to attack the defensive guild’s individual members. These chances are referred to as “swords” in game. The members of the guild on defence are embodied by towers that have a specific health percentage. If attacking a tower is successful, the tower’s health percentage drops as well as the health of their entire guild.

Each attack by the offensive player costs 10 energy and 1 sword, and that offensive player is limited to only one attack towards a defensive tower during a guild battle. There are two 3-on-3 rounds, although a player can choose to bring fewer monsters with them if they decide to. The defensive player’s defensive tactics are controlled by the AI in-game.

Getting a Victory

Winning a Guild Battle requires the offensive guild to drop the HP of the defensive guild to a certain percentage. If the offensive guild fails at dropping the defensive guild’s HP to the amount needed to win, the defensive guild wins the Guild Battle. The Guild or Vice Master can choose to end the guild battle only after 20 minutes of gameplay have passed.

Summoners War is a remarkably entertaining RPG that is taking the world by storm. With new players every day, having a good guide to help navigate the world of Summoners War can change the course of gameplay for the better. Guild Battles are an excellent part of the Summoners War that makes this multiplayer online mobile game so much fun.

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