Top 3 Cycling GPS for Long Distance Ride

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If you are involved in cycling, then you may have an enthusiasm to discover miles and miles of unfamiliar roads. But it’s not as comfortable as we think, because you actually don’t know where the road goes to end. And if you already overcome miles of unfamiliar paths, then you may have the trouble of losing yourself. Indeed, here the cycling gps would let you to have the information of where to move. But if you use the mountain bike GPS, it would have more versatile features, like ascending and descending data, live tracking options and much more.

Literally the upper lines tell about the basic options of a cycling GPS. But it would also have the versatility to make the journey more flawless. A GPS would provide you the information of weather condition, the speed of your bike, the level of your heart rate and the force you use to push the pedal. So if you ride for workout, you can also figure out the performance and effort you used to workout. A GPS also saves all of your data about to cycling performance that after while you can share on social media to compare your performance with other cyclists.

Top 3 cycling GPS

Meet the top three cycling gps that are versatile and perfect for road bike, training and off road adventuring.

Garmin Edge 520

The Garmin Edge 520 comes with a large color display that is easy to navigate the location. You can navigate all the locations and ascending and descending data by an easy accessible system. Before going for a ride you can discover the routes and where the uphills and downhills are located. It is designed with the ant plus compatibility that helps to make a pair with your mobile phone and track the performance more easily especially for your indoor training. The Edge 500 of course offer to track the heart rate, force of pedaling and compare the effort of moving your legs from the previous performance. And of course you can publish the data on the Garmin’s website to share with other cyclists.

Cycling GPS

Garmin Edge 810

Actually the Garmin achieved an outstanding reputation for making the cycling GPS and the Edge 810 is the one that has very high performable options for cycling. It offers likely the same options of  Edge 520. It monitors your heart rate and track the level of elevation. So you can have an advanced information to ascend and descend while it also tracks how fast or slow you move the legs. The live tracking option allows your friend to locate yourself where you move and end of the day you can upload your performance on Garmin Connect website. An advance weather updating system also helps you to clarify the weather condition before going for a ride.

Cycling GPS

Magellan Cyclo 315

It has been invented with the power of recording your 240 hours of cycling data, that means you can get an easy access anytime to analysis your previous performance in that period. It is outfitted with waterproof technology that means you are always allowed to track your performance on any condition. The user friendly interface of Cyclo 315 lets you easily navigate the performance while the large touchscreen is comfortable than the other analog screen type. It is also optimized with Open Street Maps for USA roads that means you can figure out the cycle lanes without spending too much effort. Even if you use it for off road ride, it will show the percentage of dirt of hilly roads.

Cycling GPS

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